Thursday, April 9, 2009

What's in your roasting pan?

Our sweet Dreamer thinks I've gone completely bonkers! Yesterday, my roasting pan was filled with sweet fragrant baked caramel corn for our Bake Sale and I was using the wooden spoon to keep little taste testers at bay!

Tonight, the giant roasting pan is once again in service - after all tomorrow is Good Friday and I am a gardener with goals! My roaster is filled with soil - dirt - earth, whatever you call it, it's in the oven at 180 degrees! With some peat moss and vermiculite, and some fine compost.

I promise, I won't make anyone eat it!

After years of unsuccessful seed starting, I finally (a few years ago now) remembered my Poppa David setting the old tin pans of dirt directly on the wood stove that heated their basement and the make-shift water pipe system that brought a bit of warmth out to the even more make-shift "greenhouse" that he constructed each spring over the basement stairway to their home. Northern gardeners get desperate at times you know. Anyway - I knew the seeds liked the warm soil he planted them in, but it never occurred to me that he was in effect sterilizing the earth to prevent the dreaded dampening off!

Considering that I helped him transplant over 800 tomato seedlings one spring with nary a sign of dampening off, I'd say his methods were not madness! So, I'm back to cooking up some good dirt - and tomorrow, I have some panting to do!

And Dreamer, if you are reading this, don't worry- I lost all of my marbles long ago - and not just the round ones you play games with! You can e-mail all your friends and let them know, but I'll love you just the same! That's what being a mama is all about! I'll even share my tomatoes with you, but only if you help with the watering!

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