Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Great American Bakesale

Today we were busy baking - all day! We are hosting a small bake sale at our Home School Co-op tomorrow, participating in The Great American Bake Sale!

What a great time we had!

We are achy tired, but really happy because all of the money we raise from today's baking will go to feeding hungry children - 100%! We decided to make it as simple as possible by taking pre-orders for our baked goods and selling them just through our co-op. Our goal was to raise $150, and from our pre-orders, we fell a bit short of that - but we do have some extra baking to take - maybe it will sell too!

Every book on raising well rounded children indicates that community service is essential to growing children of good character - no surprise there. Finding ways to fit community service into our day to day lives seems to be a bit of a challenge. Since our goal is to raise children who have a vibrant relationship with God through the work of Jesus Christ in their lives, it's important to us to not only show by example, but also enable them to put some 'shoe leather' on their faith and make it real.

This semester's project was our bake sale, but we are still always on the lookout for other ways to teach the children to reach out to others. I hope as they get older this will be a bit easier since there will be more options for serving others then there are now as their abilities expand. They really seem to enjoy doing these kinds of projects and I really have to say that I was proud of their work ethic today!

Except for one minor complaint session and a small sugar spill, the day went really well! We had a plan and strapped on our aprons early, getting right to work as soon as we had gathered all of our ingredients. I don't know why I washed the kitchen floor first, but I did - and it needed to be washed again at the end of the day!!!

Our Dreamer worked hard on two batches of her renown Snickerdoodles - she really has a knack with these! She washed a gazillion dishes and the Storyteller dried just as many. There were Hershey Kisses to be unwrapped, cupcake papers to put in the mini-muffin tins, and lots of taste testing for the Storyteller.

We used about 6 pounds of butter - thankfully we buy it in bulk so it isn't too expensive when you buy it by the case! It is 'close to home' butter too since most of the milk that goes into this butter is from the Midwest - or so we are told!

Dreamer did most of the packaging and putting the fancy labels that Storyteller glued together on with pretty royal blue ribbons. We chose red white and blue scrapbook paper for the labels in keeping with the Great American Bake Sale theme!

We had a hard time finding inexpensive packaging, but these boxes worked out alright! Some things just don't hold up well in a cello bag and needed studier packaging.

I was so glad to have stocked up on eggs when they were on sale last week - we usually buy farm fresh but the new regulations have shut down the local egg farmers since they are too small for inspection. It seems like all the 'eggs for sale' signs have disappeared from farms around our home.

It's the end of a long day, but we are pleased to have spent our energy for others. I'm ready for a hot bath! As Storyteller says, baking days aren't for sissies! The children wondered at one point if we might have done better to just give the money we spent on ingredients to the Bake Sale, and so we talked a bit about it. We decided that we would have missed out on the blessing of making yummy treats for our friends, and all of the taste tests too - but more importantly - we wouldn't remember just giving money as much as we will remember the day spent together in the kitchen, working as a family to reach a goal!

I call this character building at it's tastiest!

A very good day, indeed!


  1. I was glad we had taken part in quite a few community projects (like volunteering at the library) as they were expected in college and scholarship applications.

    Yum... that all looks SO good. :)

  2. What fun!!! I knew when I heard about your bake sale that you would do a terrific job with the baking and presentation. Someday (maybe I'll wait a few years) Rachel and I will have to do something like that.

    I'm sorry to hear about the local egg farmers. :(


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