Thursday, April 23, 2009

Simple Solutions: Twistables

I love it when I can be a hero to our children - today, I was that hero! If your children have the Crayola Twistable crayons and are mad drawing fools prolific artists like our Storyteller is right now, you may have a few Twistables that are ... ahem ... broken. Or maybe your children are not so rough on everything. Must be nice! Anyway, if you do have a broken Twistable you can sometimes fix them without much fuss and thus obtain hero status with your art loving children.

Here's how: Grab the broken Crayola Twistable, the piece of wax that has come out of the Twistable and your handy lighter. Twist the mechanism all the way to the top of the tip of the crayon - it will only go as far as the narrowing before the tip, but that's fine. Warm the end of the broken off piece gently for a couple of seconds (remembering that wax is flammable and so are fingers!!!) and insert it back into the Twistable, making sure the warmed wax connects with the bit of wax left in the mechanism. Twist it down right away, while the wax is still warm, let it cool a bit and there you have it - a usable Crayola Twistable and hero status in your children's adoring eyes!

By the way - this takes longer to type and read that it does to accomplish, and please do be careful because playing with fire and wax is a bad combination! Your hero status may not last long if you actually need to call the fire department!

Also, I had a great JoAnn's coupon in my hand one day and wandered into the kids craft isle where I found the Crayola True to Life crayons and pencil crayons. I used that coupon to get them 40% off and I have to tell you - our children love them and they have really added to their artwork!

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  1. Hey Gal,
    I have never used these, but now think I should get some for my daughter and grandy, too!! Thanks for the tips!!

    Hope you have a joyful Friday and a glorious weekend!!

  2. Thanks for the great tip! I, too, would love to be a hero to my children, sometimes. I have never used the twistable crayons. I will look into it now since we are blessed with another baby. learning days are here again, yay!I like how clean the twistable crayons look.


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