Friday, March 27, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

I'm joining Rachel Anne and the Company Girls for a cup of coffee this morning ... but if you don't mind, I'll be serving tea! I have quite a variety on hand because my lady at The Spice Rack just re-supplied her bulk foods store and she ordered lots of neat new bulk teas! I'll whip up a batch of Orange Scones with Lemon Curd for you all to make up for the lack of coffee. Trust me on this, making coffee is not one of my strong suits, so tea is a better option, unless you want to grow hair on your chest ... then a cup of my coffee might be in order!

Well, what have I been up to this week? I am happy to report that for the first week in a long long while, we have ALL been healthy all week long! I was praying for a healthy week, and now I am praising the Lord for accomplishing that for us!

We've been doing our schoolwork faithfully each day. There was no co-op this week but both children are hard at work finishing projects and learning new things!

I tried a casserole experiment this week that worked out really well - now I just wish someone would take my idea for altering great casserole recipes to be 'one skillet' meals and market a cookbook! I thought that there was such a cookbook, but I can't find it! I recently ordered a' one skillet' cookbook, but it turns out that there are a lot of recipes that take 1 or more hours of prep time before baking and at least three pans! I should have tried it out by ordering it through the library first!

Our very 'schmelly' kitty Mr. Peppermint has received a pardon due to the cool rainy weather we have enjoyed this week - but as soon as it is warm enough he will get a bath! Phew!

It's been a bit too cool to tackle the wicker project, but as soon as we get some consistent 70's weather in the forecast - I'll be risking carpel tunnel to get these pieces prettied up!

Our Dreamer is a huge help when it comes to bathing her kitty - she lovingly soothes his ruffled nerves and dries him off until he is fluffy again!

Both children have been spending a lot of time outdoors - picking up sticks, playing, riding bikes and doing outside stuff. Dreamer had a long orthodontist appointment this week and the result has been a soft menu for her since Tuesday! Poor honey!

Last night we went out and 'celebrated' the Storyteller's first 'A' on a spelling test - with frozen custard! Mmmm! What a treat!

We've been eating way more beef then usual because of our freezer full of wonderful locally grown grain fed beef. It has such a nice flavor, but I know it isn't as good for us, so we'll just have to spread it out on the menu. At least it is pretty lean and drug free! We usually eat a lot of chicken and fish when we can get it - but our freezers are full of fresh pork and beef!

Another project on my mind - I don't like the color of our front door, and we have been planning to replace it for the 4 years we have lived here, so I haven't painted it - but replacing it is a lot more involved then we had expected since the odd shaped 'light' and framing for our door are all one piece and would have to be custom ordered. $$$$

So, I am determined to paint it. Our house is light grey, our windows and eaves are white, the shutters are black and the front door should be painted ....

any ideas?

Thanks for joining me for coffee tea!

Have another scone and be sure to go visit the other Company Girls! They all make better coffee than me, I'm sure!

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  1. It sounds like you have had a great week. I went and read the story about Mr. Peppermint and I am so glad he found his permanent loving home with you. He is just gorgeous! I am no help at all with your door. I am wanting to paint our back door black. We will see when I manage to get around to that!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like a busy week. I like the sound of your casserole experiment - it looks yummy! I'm sure the wicker furniture will look lovely when you pretty it up.

    Best wishes,

  3. Our house is dark grey, white eaves and windows and we have no shutters. I have had a burgundy, white, and bright blue door. None of them quite "did" it for me. Finally, I painted it black, and I *love* it. Just a suggestion.

  4. I was thinking about black, but do you paint the wood around the transom and the storm door black too? Also, wouldn't that be really hot - we get afternoon sun on the door and it's dark green and gets quite warm now - black would be a scorcher!

  5. Thanks for sharing about your week.

    I would TOTALLY buy your cookbook. You should create it yourself and we'll all buy it. :)

    As for the door, I can't tell whether it's dark blue or green, but I bet if you could find a green you like, it could look really good. Or red. You could paint it black, but that just sounds so morbid to me for some reason.

  6. Sounds like you had a pretty full week! Have a wonderful wknd....I'd go for the black door too....looks classy!

  7. Thanks for the tea and the orange scone recipe, too. I'm anxious to hear how you pretty up your wicket loveseat. I have the loveseat, a chair and an ottoman to pretty up.

    have a great weekend -- we're starting spring break RIGHT now and I have zero plans! (I even pooper scooped before getting online!)

  8. I agree with you on coffee -- I'm so nervous when I make it since I don't drink it and don't really know what a good cup should taste like. Tea is another matter... :)

    Enjoyed hearing about your week and am glad that you have been healthy. This cold/flu has been lingering here and I'm praying that Michael and I will continue to be spared.

    I need to pain our door very badly. Never done it before so am not sure of what kind of paint to look for. I suppose I need to go to Lowes and ask questions. I'm just not that much into DIY -- so much rather be doing crafts. :)

  9. Tea and scones, yum!
    I enjoyed hearing about your family.
    Oh! your etsy shop has cute goodies too!
    I thought I'd never choose a color for my LR, so I am probably the last person to ask. I would've said black or that dk,dk green that is almost black, but someone suggested red. Red sounds so inviting.
    Have a great week and enjoy those kiddos

  10. Tea will be just fine, thank you. I have lost my voice with this terrible cold.

    Our weather has been getting a little better here in the northwest, so my kids have been able to play outside a bit too.

    We have spring break this week so we are planning a trip to "Nanna and Papa's". I'm looking forward to a change in scenery for a few days after a long winter.

    Thanks for inviting us to tea. It was nice to get to know you a little better.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I can't make coffee either. I grew up with tea, so that's what we usually have too. =p Have fun with your door project. Thanks for having us by!

  12. I have a "schmelly" white kitty too!!! I just schmelled her this morning and confirmed it lol I'd give her a bath except she screams bloody murder every time I bring her into the bathroom let alone turn the water on lol. And um, orange scones and lemon curd are like my two favorite things by the way!!! lol So thank you, that is the best! The picture looks sooo good.

    All the best to you and yours,

  13. What's that your having with your burger?

  14. Bethanie - they are red skin potatoes boiled until tender then smashed, drizzled in olive oil, sprinkled with herbs, salt and pepper and baked - The Pioneer Woman - Ree, calls them 'Crash Hot Potatoes' - she has a great how to on her cooking blog!

  15. I'm a little late with the Company Girls this week...sorry!

    You should make a cookbook! Maybe you'd make a fortune and be able to replace your front door with a custom one. ;)


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