Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just a little good news and ...

I am simply giddy with excitement! My sewing machine did not have major problems at all and is now cleaned and ready for pick up! I am beside myself with delight! I've been quite lost without it - over a month of no sewing and spring is just around the corner! March is often push time for house cleaning and sewing up summer clothes, so that when April comes, we can be outside as much as possible. I know my sewing machine is just a machine ( but a cutie if you ask me!) but it is a big part in helping me to create and that is a huge help with my outlook on life!

You may have noticed that there often is a great deal of bad news around here - it's that 'one thing after another' kind of life. I know we are not the only ones, but there are times when I begin to think we might just be getting a bit more than our share - until I take a quick look around and remember there are so many in much more difficult circumstances than we are in. Even so, it is wearing to be sure, and discouraging at times. I think that's why when something good does happen we are astounded blessed and very grateful.

It's not that we are pessimistic, or even fatalistic. We have not given up hope or lost our faith in God's goodness! Not at all! However, we do see the truth in John 16:33 where Jesus said, "I've told you all this so that trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace. In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I've conquered the world."

Take heart dear friends! Take heart!

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  1. Glad you have your machine back!!! i need to send mine for a tune-up. It's on the list...

  2. Hi Heather:

    I have been a silent reader in your blog for a few weeks now and love it! Congrats on getting your sewing maching back:)

    BTW - I stopped by to say I tried some of your receipes and it came out very well. Thank you

    One quick question pls: How did you get the layout/colors in your webpage.....Is there a website to download the code? Cna you pls let me know.....Thanks


  3. Prasanthi - I'm glad you found my blog and that the recipes you tried turned out well. I have very few computer skills, but I'll tell you what I did: I used Picture It! Express 7.0 to make the header using free digital scrapbooking papers and elements from The Shabby Princess. I found a color code web page and just went into the template 'Edit HTML' and swapped out my old color codes for new ones until it looked right for me. I had a backup copy saved first in case I messed it all up - which I did a few times! I never darkened the door of the computer science room in school, and I haven't taken any classes to learn this stuff, so it is just trial and error for me - many many errors! I wish I could be more helpful, but honestly I was as surprised as can be that it turned out like I envisioned it! I'm trying to work on some spring ideas now! Too fun!


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