Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just the spot for my new nest

Yesterday afternoon I set out to find just the right spot in the laundry room for my nest picture!
I shopped the house for a frame and found that this wooden one was just a trifle beaten up, but perfect for my imperfect 'art' and our even less perfect laundry room. I suppose I should have really cleaned up before inviting you in, but if you'll pretend not to notice the cobwebs and crumbs, I'll turn a blind eye too!

See? There it is! Right above the old double sinks that serve as my laundry basins.
I hope it will encourage me while I hand wash the delicates and scrub stubborn stains!
The bird and garden things on the shelf were all there before - but I did knock off a layer of dust with you in mind!

My 'arsenal' rests in a wooden 'basket' on the washer.
I spray painted an old wooden trug black and attached a dollar store trowel knob to 'garden up' my supply holder.
I use all natural and homemade cleaners whenever I can, but we also have been blessed with a small boy who has a powerful attraction to mud, blood and all things slimy! These stronger chemicals are really are needed to get out the everlasting array of filthy stains that grace our childrens clothing.

Above the washer and dryer, my dad hung this high bar for me - it serves us well all winter and on rainy summer days when I can't hang out the clothes on my wonderful outdoor clothesline!
I know it's not pretty, but I am all about practical at this stage of life.
Maybe one day we will gut this room and install cabinets that hide the washer and dryer and incorporate a lot more storage, but for now we are working with what we've got.
It took a lot of hard work to remove the unsized floral orange paper wall coverings and hours of sanding to smooth out the hideous 'faux' finish on the doors before painting - and that's about all we've been able to do!

That's our cleaning basket - we tote it room to room on clean up days and use the 'under the counter' cleaners for the in between clean ups! On the side of the dryer I've got a copy of Martha Stewart's laundry stain recommendations printed and laminated with magnets on the back.
It has been such a handy tool for those mysterious laundry challenges!

When we first moved into our home, I wondered at the wisdom of a porcelain throne right there in our tiny laundry room, but now I see it as quite a blessing! Our laundry room is just off the kitchen and quite handy to the sunroom door where we all come in and out! What a blessing that mud encrusted sandy children running in from play don't have to run through the whole house to use the hall facilities!

I thought it would be easy to figure out what this old lunch pail hides, but apparently not! I have been asked more than once if T.P. Rolls was a relative!

Thanks for stopping in and touring the laundry room! I promise if you come by in real life, I won't make you do any laundry and I'll let you use the 'real' bathroom, if need be!

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  1. It's fun to see your laundry room!!! your painting looks terrific there -- I'm so impressed with it!

  2. T.P. Rolls a relative- that is so funny - with as much of the stuff as we go thru maybe he should be!!



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