Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back pocket blessings!

Yesterday I discovered the blessing of back pockets! Most of my skirts do not have back pockets - and since I only have one pair of pants and they are jeans that I usually only wear under my snow pants for snow play with the kids, I had forgotten how handy back pockets can be! I was planning to be outside for a while yesterday so I slipped on my jeans for warmth.

I awakened yesterday with low back pain. I warmed up my Soother Sac and laid it across my back to enjoy the warmth and comfort. That was just fine when I was sitting at the table doing school work with the children, but as I needed to get up and get busy with this and that, I decided I still needed the soothing warmth. I was going to try tying it around me with my apron, but instead I tucked both ends into each of my back pockets and voila! portable warmth! I kept taking it off to rewarm as I worked away and it brought me a great deal of relief.

The really funny part came when our Storyteller gave me a great big hug!

'Mama!' he said with alarm, 'You've got a really hot tooshie!'

I can guarantee you he's the only one who thinks so!

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  1. Hilarious!! hope you won't be plagued by the pain much more this week.


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