Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I have to laugh ...

Or else I just might end up in tears! I don't have time for tears - so I'm choosing the 'live and learn' approach- and having a good chuckle at my own expense too! I think this would qualify for MckMama's 'Not Me! Monday', but it has taken me a few days to work up the nerve to confess my faux pas publicly!

Are you 'just dying' to hear my tale of woe? Of course you aren't, but I'll tell you anyway!

You know I've been up to my eyebrows in wonderful thrifted woolen sweaters - felting to my hearts content and making purses in my spare moments. In my thrifting adventures, I've had my eyes wide open for sweaters in neutral colors, as well as nice reds and true solid black. Those are the 'hard' sweaters to score - or it seems that way when you're looking for them. Anyway - I look at the labels for wool content - not for brand. I've just never been a brand kinda gal. Our kids have never been walking billboards for any designer - it just isn't our cup of tea. I do look at the labels in my search for the 100% wool - and after felting I remove the labels since I am often trying to squeeze the pattern out of what felt I have to work with. Useless information often sticks in my brain - helpful stuff never sticks, but that's another story.

So, a few weeks ago I thrifted a sweater that was still wearing it's dry cleaner tags and on a dry cleaner hanger. It looked a whole lot like the one in the picture above, but it was cream. I threw it in the hot hot water with the old towel and flip flops and my favorite laundry soap! It felted so beautifully. I cut out two purses from it - yeah! Life was good!

Then, one night last week, while looking for more sweaters on e-bay, I saw a picture of a familiar sweater with a label ' St. John'. Where had I seen that before? The auction was about to close - and I saw the price - $299. Gulp! I quickly followed the link - the label was the same! I read about a 'new with tags' wool sweater origionally priced at $699! I had no idea there were such expensive sweaters in this world - let alone at my Goodwill! How could I have felted a $700 sweater???? I cut an expensive sweater to pieces!!! Gulp! Not something I could ever undo. Period.

The sweater was perfect - not New With Tags, but in perfect condition. Oh well! I keep thinking that I wish I was more like Meredith who knows a good thing when she finds it!

Both purses sold today - I made about $60 for the time it took me to sew them.

I've decided that I'll just have to laugh about it ...

Have you ever made such an expensive mistake?

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  1. Wow! What an amazing story!!!! I'd be feeling the same way -- but, at least you only paid probably $4 for it -- so, if you'd never seen the ebay stuff you wouldn't be worried. :)

  2. *gaak* I think I would have fainted :-P
    Fortunately, it's not as if you would have worn it & I'm trusting you paid nothing close to that, but still a heart-stopper :-)

  3. Well the purses turned out absolutely lovely and I bet whoever got them think they are really nice! I've often wondered if I've given away something worth lots of money or passed it up in the thrift store. I gave away some blue dishes my Mom gave me once and saw them at a flea market for lots of money a few years later. Oh well, what can you do? Anyways, your creations are lovely and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
    Mary Ann

  4. i just found your blog, though i can't rememnber how...but i am sure glad i did! you create such beautiful purses and tassels! i will be back to visit!

  5. You know...there is a St. John (which has mostly knits, etc. and not wool!) and there is also a St. John's Bay (by JC Penney, which is much, much cheaper..) Maybe, just maybe, you had a sweater from Penneys....not that it really matters but if you feel better?!?! I just love the purses :)

  6. Oh...I can imagine how your heart must have sank! I must say that the purses are very beautiful!

  7. You are all so re-assuring and thoughtful! Jennifer - I too have seen a lot of St.John's Bay when thrifting, but never a woolen sweater like the St.John one I scored. It was beautiful - full raglan sleeves! It was 100% wool and felted quite thick and lovely! The one i linked to was only 80% wool - maybe that's why it is a bargain at $499! Live and learn - next time I'll be more careful for sure!

  8. Wow! Some purses! Haha!'ll sell those for about $300 a piece, right? JUST KIDDING! But...that would be a shocker. Was it angora or marino wool or even alpaca or something somewhat rare?

    Have an AWESOME Christmas!

    Blessings, Kim W


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