Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day Greetings!

I just love the day after Christmas, which, as I was growing up in Canada, was always referred to as 'Boxing Day'. Unlike many of our friends who fight the crowds returning unwanted gifts, or spending gift cards on after Christmas sales, it has always been a quiet day for our family.

For those unfamiliar with the tradition, Wikipedia has a good explanation:

Boxing Day is a public holiday in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong and countries in the Commonwealth of Nations with a mainly Christian population. In South Africa, this public holiday is now known as the Day of Goodwill. It is based on the tradition of giving gifts to the less fortunate members of society. Contemporary Boxing Day in many countries is now a "shopping holiday" associated with after-Christmas sales. ~ Wikipedia

This year, our Historian was compelled to go to work, but, we are planning to do our usual tidy up and find a home for our lovely new things. There is always laundry - naturally! We have some planning to do for the coming year as well, and this is always a terrific day to start making our goals for the new year! We'll also get to work on thank-you notes, and I always enjoy sitting down and reading over those wonderful 'Christmas letters' that were in many of our beautiful Christmas cards. I read them as they came of course, but it is just fun to re-read them at a more relaxed pace!

By the way, if you have been on our snail mail Christmas list in past years, you will be getting an update letter and card with a picture from our family! It's in the mail and hopefully on it's way! After 4 years, we just figured it was time to get back to our family tradition of sending cards! We so enjoy the ones sent to us, but there are fewer and fewer each year. We mailed ours out a bit late due to printer problems, but it did go before Christmas! The Historian is wonderful about doing all of the work of organizing and addressing those!

We used a pumpkin Yule Log for our Jesus' Birthday Cake - mmm!

Well, there are lovely wrapping paper bits to be picked up and gift bags to recycle! Turkey bones to be made into soup broth! I slept for 11 hours, so I am very well rested and quite eager to begin - with a hot shower!

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  1. Happy Boxing Day to you too! How grateful I am that we don't have to celebrate Boxing Day the way my friends in Scotland will be -- with another BIG get together and a large feast to cook! I am ready for some quiet, at-home time after all the busy cooking/prep of the last few days. Somehow the quiet/restful relaxing feels like it won't be so easy with 4 energetic kids, but I'm going to try. At least I have our mandatory 1 hour rest to enjoy right now. :) Have a nice afternoon!


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