Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Happy Dozen!

I have one last special purse to complete, but then I am done until after Christmas!
My sweet friend Mrs. M and I now have our purses in two local stores,
so I felt that I needed to get to work to make up a few bags for 'inventory'!
They seem to be selling well, so it's nice to have some more on hand to replenish the displays.
Mrs. M has been working hard on her orders too, so we are both up to our eyebrows in fuzz!
When my last purse is done, I'm planning to de-fuzz the house and pack up the sweaters for a bit! I have Christmas surprises to work on, after all!
Felting can be addictive I think - but I say that about all my current crafting projects!

I am getting much faster at assembling the bags - so that's a blessing!
It's so relaxing for me to just sit down and sew and have something pretty at the end!
Here's a quick peak at what my 'spare moments' have produced this week!

This sweater was a pretty dull lilac when I thrifted it,
but the felting process really brought out the beauty!

It was a bit plain, but than I added a blanket stitched flower!

Pink argyle is just too much fun! Do you see the pretty crystal hiding on the purple diamond?
In real life it adds a nice touch of sparkle!

Winter white - I couldn't resist adding a bright flower pin to this one!
I hope it's not too seasonal!

Matching all those stripes was worth the effort - this bag just says 'fun'!

More of the winter white sweater - though the body wasn't huge,
I was able to squeeze another purse out of the ample sleeves!
The trim on the pocket is chocolate brown!

Felted I-cord make the flower and the center is a hand felted ball with some seed beads!
I love the fresh green!

Black wool felt with a sweet sparkly crystal to make it special!

Happy dancing snowflakes on red!

Made from the same sweater - it was huge! This time in the rounded bon-bon style!

Such a classic - argyle! And in Buckeye colors too!

Pretty in pink with a sweet crystal making a glimmer!

I can't show you the last bag because it is a BIG secret ...

I'll be back when I have done some more de-fuzzing!

I don't want to loose the children in the wooly dust bunnies!

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  1. Heather . . you are so o o o very creative. Wonderful work on these new purses. And I'm so pleased for you that they are selling in the stores.

    Wonderful work honey.


  2. Your purses are so lovely! you have been busy!! The white and black one is very sophisticated! I have a purse cut out of our matching striped sweater :) I'm waiting to sew it up -- somehow life is too busy right now. :)

  3. You've done a beautiful job on all your purses. You've found a great craft niche!

  4. Those are SO beautiful! WOW! As I scrolled down, I kept thinking "Oh! That's my favorite! No, wait.." But I am always partial to argyle. The winter white one with the festive flower piece is great, and the black one with the chic!

  5. The Snowflake and Argyle purses are my favorites. Please give me your secret to getting the crafting orders done. Along with blogging, Christmas trimming, gift shopping...
    I'm feeling overwhelmed!

    Sweet Wishes,

  6. Your purses are precious Heather!! I like every one of them! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne


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