Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sales are brisk!

I wish I knew how to put a big old SOLD over my purse pictures like the pros do ... I just have to be content with the other skills I have because my computer skills are sorely lacking!

Of the 12 purses I had 'in stock' on Sunday evening,

I have just these 4 left!!!!

What a blessing! I can hardly believe it! I was really hoping that they would sell so that I would begin to recover our cost. The sweaters are not expensive, but the quality metal handles and beautiful printed heavy cotton linings are quite costly. Did I mention that I critically sort of injured our washing machine with this felting project??? Dad was able to put in a new water pump (thanks again Dad!) but parts are never cheap! All in all, I am not entirely sure we are 'in the black' yet, but I do know there are some very happy ladies with some really pretty purses to enjoy and give as gifts! Too much fun!

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  1. That is SO exciting!!! i can't believe you sold so many so fast!

    Have you heard that it is bad to felt in a washing machine? I've wondered. Should I expect mine to break too -- or was yours just a fluke?

  2. Heather - honestly, I don't think you need to worry. I have not heard that it is hard on washing machines. I think it is only hard on the machine if you don't have a cleanable filter for all of the fluff. My newer style front load washer is the type that you have to call a service man to clean the filter - which is really useless when you have small children and husbands who leave coins in their pockets!!! I think I broke the machine felting a really really big wool skirt that got all unbalanced - I know now to balance heavier sweaters with an old towel or two. I think that the skirt weighted 25 pound wet!
    Remember also - I have made almost 30 purses and have felted many more sweaters - maybe 60 or more!!! We are on a well and have very grungy water and I was forgetting that with all of the fuzz I should have been running the enzyme cleaner stuff more often! I am being much more faithful with that! It's expensive, but not as costly as new parts for the washer!
    Really - it is just a whole lot of fun to put in a big old shabby moth eaten rejected sweater and come out with a sweet little piece of soft fluffy felt!

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