Friday, September 22, 2006

Mama, I've got a case of the sniffles!

First thing this morning this little Storyteller’s face got close and personal with my face and announced with conviction “Mama, I’ve definitely got a case of the sniffles”.

Oh dear, here we go! Last night as we put The Storyteller to bed, I sensed a bit of sourness to his breath, and his disposition before bed was less than sweet, which is unusual. I am not surprised that he has a cold – the transition between seasons is always a challenge – and especially for a wee lad who hates socks and closed in shoes with a passion! Thankfully, he is hale and hearty and will be right as rain in a day or two at most.

The problem is our sweet Dreamer – she is asthmatic and this is allergy season. After 5 weeks of bronchitis this summer, I was so hoping that she would sail through fall without illness and enjoy some time of feeling well enough to concentrate on her studies and enjoy this wonderful season. She always picks up brother’s germs though, and for her, it is not just a matter of a day or two. Her 9th birthday falls on October 1st, and I am praying she is well enough to enjoy it!

I thought I would share The Storyteller’s plan for getting better quick so that he doesn’t share his germs with sister:
1. Pray – after all God is the GREAT Physician you know Mommy
2. Wash my hands 1000 times a day with soap and water
3. Warm Welch’s grape juice – the warmer the better! (I dilute it with water, but it really makes those sniffles loosen up for him)
4. A long hot bath with Kiss My Face Cold & Flu Bath – he was in so long tonight he lost a layer of skin on his toes!
5. Baby (creamy) Vicks on his chest under his soft flannel p.j.’s (I hate petroleum products but haven’t found anything similar in a non-petroleum base)
6. Kiss My Face Cold and Flu room spray – he can feel the good smells clearing the air pipes in his nose
7. Mommy’s organic chicken noodle soup with thick homemade noodles ‘breakfast, lunch and supper please – you might just leave it in the pot Mommy’

He says since 7 is the perfect number this must be the perfect plan! I’m praying this works for our little guy - I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Awww..I'm sorry your little ones aren't feeling well. How are they doing today? Emily, my 7 year old suffers from seasonal allergies so I know how "not fun" they are. The plan to get better looks like a good one. Especially #7!


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