Friday, September 15, 2006

Introducing Peppermint!

Just before we went on our Mackinaw vacation, a sickly white kitty showed up at our door. Now, we live on a country road, not far from town, and I understand that there are some misguided folks who think that it is better to take unwanted kittens to 'the country' then to the humane society, because they feel that at least they will have 'a chance' in the country. We have discovered that this is just not so.
After a few days of meowing at our back door, this poor kitten was not doing very well at all. As each day passed he grew thinner and more lethargic, until finally we had to take compassion on him and feed him. Needless to say, he is still around. While we were away a dear friend came and fed him each day, and thankfully, he is steadily growing stronger. We are looking into differnt veterinary clinics to have him cared for - shots, deworming etc., and we will need to have him neutered as well. It is a costly undertaking, but he has firmly imbedded himself into the hearts of our children, so what choice do we have!
The children have called him Peppermint after a favorite little book from my childhood about a poor unwanted kitten who grew up in a candy shop, until one day a sweet little girl took him home and gave him a bath. The mother in the story dropped him in blueing by accident, but it all turned out just fine! The blue kitten won the hearts of the little girls classmates on show and tell day! Well, Peppermint has won our hearts as well! An unexpected blessing!
I have very little knowledge about raising kitties and am concerned that he must be an outdoor cat. We need to get to the library for a good book on the subject! The Historian is sure we are in for a painful loss, since there are many dangers in the woods and on the busy road on which we live, but for now we are just enjoying the blessing of our unexpected pet!

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