Monday, September 25, 2006

Still beauty in the garden ... and the orchard

Last summer our flower garden was pretty, but this summer it was really nice! There is still alot of beauty in my garden thanks to the wonderful rainy nights and sunny days we have been enjoying. My hanging baskets were nicer this year than ever before and for once I have written the combination down in my garden journal so that I can remember what worked so well, and what didn't work at all! Soon I will bring in all of the ivy, vinca and wire vine etc. to overwinter in pots in the sunroom! If I don't kill them they will enjoy a long life, and help with my spring plant budget.
It is almost cold enough to plant bulbs, but since I see the squirrels still digging up last years bulbs from our neighbours yard, I'll put it off as long as possible. The first fall we were here in the Midwest I planted at the end of November buying 700 bulbs at low low prices - everyone was frantically decorating for Christmas and I was just trying to find floor space amid the boxes! Planting bulbs was an avoidence tactic - I just couldn't face another box! Last year I was more organized, but it was fruitless! I got the bulbs in mid -September and the squirrels unplanted them by mid-November! A happy medium is in order! I have found with Peppermint around the squirrels have moved to safer ground - his natural instinct has increased as his health has improved, and I must say he is quite taken with chasing moles and squirrels! Perhaps my bulbs have a chance this year!
On Sunday afternoon we went for a country drive to a 'pick your own' apple orchard. We had a wonderful and educational time learning how to choose, pick and enjoy different varieties of apples! My extra fridge is supplied with Mac's, Jonathans, Empires, and Jonagolds! We are blessed with the bounty of fall! We were not long - about a 1/2 hour in all, but we have 3 bushels of apples to enjoy. Apple sauce, apple kuchen, apple pies, canned pie filling, down east apple pudding, apple crisp ... mmmmm! We'd best get busy inviting some folks over to enjoy the bounty with us or I'll be finding a few more extra pounds!

Psalm 50: 14

"Offer unto God thanksgiving, and pay thy vows unto the Most High"

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  1. Your day at the apple orchard sounds wonderful! I should look around for a "pick your own" place around here. I've been wanting to make applesauce. :0)

    700 bulbs? I'm impressed! I want to see some more pictures of your gardens. :0)
    I hope Peppermint does a good job of keeping the squirrels away this year!


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