Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Blogging on Vacation

We did it again! We walked the Mackinaw Bridge as a family. God blessed us with such a beautiful day to walk, and the strength and ability to do it! I must admit that having 44 less pounds to carry over the Bridge was helpful to me, as I didn't get as tired and achey at the crest of the Bridge this year! We also purchased a second hand jogging stroller for The Storyteller and that was so very helpful! He actually walked about half of the 5 miles, so we were proud of him! Our Dreamer tired out and grumbled a bit but the promise of Mooney's Blue Moon ice cream at the end of the walk really got her through the grumbles. In our family, only sweet spirited children and grownups are able to partake in the blessing of sweet treats!
We were so pleased to be able to carry on this family tradition - our ninth year! Next year is the the 50th anniversary of the Bridgewalk and we are expecting big crowds. This year seemed a trifle sparse, but there was a good crowd of walkers. With fuel prices being so high, and the media coverage of the 'threat' to the Bridge a few weeks ago, we were pleased to see as many folks as there were.
Now we are visiting my parents in Ontario, Canada! We had a beautiful drive around the north shore of Lake Huron and now were here to celebrate my Dad's 65th Birthday. We are a small family, so it is wonderful to get together for this celebration! The kids are having such a hard time keeping 'birthday secrets', but thankfully Poppa isn't 'pumping' them for information - they are both too forthcoming!
This is our first vacation in 9 months and after months and months of illness for me, and a difficult summer of surgery and poor health for the children, we are so in need of this respite. We should be getting started with our school year, but it is nice to just enjoy this time together. We will put our noses to the grindstone .... next week! We have learned that Lake Huron is very cold but fun to swim in, we have collected all sorts of intersting rocks to look up when we get home and we have fossils and shells to identify. We've learned a bit about the difference between miles per hour and km per hour, and have made a few quick calculations involving time and distance! We have studied maps of Michigan and Ontario and learned how the Straits we walked over connect two of the Great Lakes. We may not be schooling, but we are learning!
So many blesssings to count! I know that I will remember this vacation time as a 'golden moment' ... and when I get around to it, I'll have to put a page of blessings in our family scrapbook! I bought a framed quote at my favourite Mackinaw City store - Teyson's. It says "PRAYER - when life is too hard to stand, kneel". I know just where I'll hang it when we get home!

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