Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Finish Line

2 Timothy 4:7

I have fought a good fight; I have finished my course; I have kept the faith.

There is something intensely satisfying each year as we see the Finish Line approaching as we come off the Mackinaw Bridge on Labour Day. It must be so for the 30,000 plus other folks who walk the Bridge each year too - or else we all wouldn't do it I guess! We really enjoyed the walk again this year, and I think that next year, the 50th anniversary of the Bridgewalk, will be really extra special too.

There are blessings and cursings when your 8 year old can read very well - some quite literally! We saw t-shirts this year with 'h--- NO, I didn't walk the d--- bridge', and that was one of the more mild sentiments! I guess those who wore those shirts haven't quite grasped the satisfaction of a job well done! I only wish they had kept those thoughts to themselves instead of spending $12 to promote it on a shirt - there would have been much less explaining to do for us!

I hope we are teaching our children that keeping steadily on, despite the pressures and problems we face, will bring it's reward - and that they are applying it to the Christian walk. The blessings of this life are many, but the Ultimate Finish Line is ahead, and though heaven is primarily a wonderful mystery, what we do know is that we shall see the Father, and sit at the feet of Jesus. I pray that we will hear' well done' and that our hearts will know 'I have finished my course; I have kept the faith.'
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  1. Hello, I just discovered your blog and I enjoyed reading through your archives. Your children are beautiful. How is the rollerblading coming along?
    Peppermint is such a nice name for a kitty. How is he doing??

  2. Hi Kelli
    Thank you for your kind comments! The children are having fun with their rollerblades, but have not made a great deal of progress in the confidence area! They are getting fresh air and learning to co-operate with one another so I am happy for them.
    Peppermint is gaining weight daily and has an appointment for a check up with the vet next week. He is beginning to trust us, but still runs from our very exuberant Storyteller. We are concerned with the cold weather approaching, but he is somewhat protected on the porch for now and we will figure out an inexpensive way to keep him warm. The Historian has some ideas about a wooden box and a low wattage bulb - he just needs enough energy to putter and get it worked out!


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