Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Technical Help Needed

Last Summer I made Discovery Journals for our children and they were a big hit with our children. I made them in Microsoft Works so they are .wps documents and a bit on the lengthy side! I tried to e-mail them to friends who were interested in doing them with their children, but they were unable to open them. I did do some 'paper copies' to send in the mail, but this summer I would like to offer it again for those days when the kids are looking for something to do!
So how do I make this file into a document that others can either download or receive and open as an e-mail? Remember, I am barely computer literate and don't have a lot of software options. It's hard when you want to share, but you just don't know how!

I appreciate any technical help you have - but please make sure it is simple!
Thank you so much!

UPDATE: I tried to convert it to an Adobe file using their free trial - it timed out before the conversion was completed. Twice. It is 30 pages long and there are quite a few little clip art images scattered here and there. The cover page is a separate document since it is full page format and I can't figure out how to merge them since the 'columns' feature applies to the whole document and even with a page break I end up with columns in my title pages. Ick! Now why didn't I take computers in school????

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  1. When you save the file, try a 'save as' option rather than just save. Then save it as a ".doc" at the end.

    Alternatively... if you can open the document... highlight the contentand click Ctrl-C. Then go into email and click on the part where you type. This time, click Ctrl-V.

    That's the keyboard shortcut for copy and paste.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks Darcy - I saved it as a .doc and will try to e-mail it that way and see if my friend can open it. I appreciate your help!


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