Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tomatoes, potatoes and cheese - OH MY!

I have had a startling revelation today.

All of my favorite main dish meals - my old stand by 'quickies' contain - either tomatoes, potatoes or cheese - and many of them contain a combination of two of the three. Wow!

I know, this is deep stuff. I'm sure it says a great deal about my quiet, shy, Plain Jane personality.

The problem is, our guests can't have any of those foods.

Needless to say, my carefully laid out menu plan and the grocery shopping I did in accordance to said plan - are shot.



Now, the very worst part of all - even when dinner isn't great, I can usually pull off a decent dessert - but we are offering hospitality to one serious diabetic, and one borderline. Since I have no desire to cause any harm - I can't even wow them with a 7 layer chocolate pie!

Good thing I'm a 'plan B' kinda woman. I always say, better to bend than to break! I can be flexible - I may not be Gumby, but I can adjust.

Well, usually, I can adjust - but my brain is sort of .... stalled.

Did I mention that my stove is giving me fits??? It's been working badly for a couple of weeks and we have a new stove on order, but I'm limping along trying to trick the old girl into just a few more meals - tricky business at best. Tonight the apple crisp got dark on the top before the apples were softened - that happens at 500 degrees - which is where my oven likes to bake these days! When it will turn on at all.

So .... just so this doesn't sound like a driveling self-pity party, I am going to beg and plead graciously ask for your help.

Gumby couldn't make it without his faithful friend and sidekick, Pokey, and in the same manner, I desperately need your ideas.

On hand - ham steaks ( I was going to glaze them, but that's too sweet), chicken breasts (I had planned Chicken Parmesan or Chicken & Cheese Tostadas, but that is cheese and tomatoes), eggs (I had planned a quick crustless quiche for lunch - but that takes cheese), sausage patties (I was planning Mommy McMuffins, they might still be good without cheese - right?), and homemade pizza fixings (also cheese). My pantry is well stocked - but mostly for tomato based dishes. We have lots of fruits and veggies on hand, thankfully.

Three breakfasts (pancakes and waffles were on the menu, but too many carbs and maple syrup is too sweet, I'm guessing). Three lunches (one must be packed for the road). Two suppers.

And not an original idea in my head.


Bless you ...


  1. Wow, you are in a bit of a pickle. I haven't cooked without cheese and tomatoes since I had Rachel and we were trying to figure out if what I was eating was causing a very fussy baby. It was hard to figure out meals with no dairy and no tomatoes! Hmmm... I can't think of anything off the top of my head. I basically eat a diabetic sort of diet myself, and it often means "no fun" food, but I can eat tomatoes and cheese! If I come up with a brainstorm, I'll let you know.

  2. I'd grill those chicken breasts and make a cobb salad.
    Boil the eggs and make egg salad sandwiches.
    Can you cook the sausage patties with a hole in them and add the egg at the last? Just a thought, I've never tried it.
    My MIL is a diabetic and I always try to feed her proteins with her carbs. She can eat some carbs, just not a lot.
    Pizza might work if you try a white garlic sauce instead of a tomato sauce. You might get away without the cheese if you add lots of veggies and some nuts. Sounds crazy but it's good.
    I would have a terrible time cooking without cheese or potatoes.

  3. When all else fails... GO SALAD!!!

  4. How about grilling some chicken (or any meat) and grill those veggies! Very healthy and safe for a diabetic to eat.

    I also like to roast green beans in the oven. Cut off stems, leave long, coat in olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt before baking/broiling. Just might work in that fickle oven of yours.

    Also...salad definitely sounds like a winner.

    Is it too simple to suggest that desserts be fresh fruits or sugar free pudding with real whipped cream sweetened with splenda (or other sugar substitute). The real whipped topping adds a rich touch to the whole simple presentation.

    And just so's you know....I enjoy your blog! ;^)

  5. Thanks for you help and support - I am muddling through here today better than yesterday, mostly because we prayed about it! They are such a joy to have, I just want our meals to be tasty and not hurt them!

    I have served lots of fresh cut fruit - and fruit cup - and strawberries with fresh whip cream sweetened with stevia, so we are thinking along the same lines! They have a fruit bowl in their room and it is being used. I think I'll make a low sugar angel food cake with those eggs and throw some fruit and whip cream on it.

    I'm going for the cobb salad tonight - thanks for the hint. We would grill, but I hate to make hubby stand out in the lightening!

  6. All I can say is, my dad always says if you add enough butter anything will taste good.

    They don't have any problems with butter, do they?

  7. I don't have any good suggestions, but I do know that whenever I try to cook for people with food allergies or other concerns my mind goes blank and I can think of nothing to cook that doesn't contain the problem food or foods. I have found that searching through my favorite cookbooks and actually looking back at favorite recipes helps me to focus and find things that either don't contain the offending foods or where those can be left out or substituted for.


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