Wednesday, June 25, 2008

He Speaks!

Our faces were wet with tears this afternoon when we read this update on our friend Steve, from his wife Donna Lou:

Dear Friends
"No, I'm O.K.", were the first words that I have heard from Steve since the accident five weeks ago. It was raspy and quiet but it sounded wonderful. I was so surprised to hear him speak that I actually said, "Pardon?" Then Steve talked to his brothers on the phone and then our children. Here, again, is another testament to the power of prayer. I asked you to specifically pray for his speech and only days later he is talking. God is so good to me.

Can you believe God's goodness? We are so blessed!

So, are you ready to pray some more? I sure hope so, because he needs some more prayer.

I spoke with his doctor yesterday about his specific injuries. I have been concerned with his vision as he seems to be grabbing for things but is about 4 inches off of the mark. The doctor said that the hemorrhaging at the back of the brain has caused vision field loss and that is permanent. So, if you could pray for that and prove him
wrong that would be wonderful!

Is anything too hard for God? No! Please pray. God is able.

I'm not forgetting little Elysha and her family, but there just isn't much to report. She is struggling with seizures and her family is struggling with exhaustion. Please keep praying. She will be going home to be held in the arms of Jesus any day now, but the waiting and watching is so very hard.

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  1. Thanks for posting an update on both of these families


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