Saturday, June 14, 2008

A lot to smile about

I realized again this morning that I really do have a lot to smile about. Some of the circumstances of this week have really gotten me down. I've been avoiding blogging because I was having a hard time finding tidbits of joy in my day to day.

It's not because they weren't there. I just wasn't looking.

This week our children attended Vacation Bible School. They loved it! This was the first year in forever that I wasn't a part of the planning and preparation for VBS. I am always there - but not this year. I wasn't feeling up to it.

So, each day the children went and I had 2 1/2 hours - child free. Each day. Unheard of. I almost didn't know what to do with myself, but I figured it out. It was weird, but I sewed a bit, cleaned up a bit and dabbled in the garden. All without children. It was quiet. Too quiet.

It made me think about what life would be if they were in school like 'normal' children every day. My house could be clean. My sewing pile could be finished up. I would enjoy seeing them at the end of the day. I realized that those things are good, but not as great as being there when my children are learning. Seeing them work, grow, play, learn and rest brings me joy. It is a privilege to be a homeschooling mom, and I need to thank the Lord for allowing me to be home.

It took until Thursday for me to stop feeling sorry for myself because I am not energetic enough to do VBS this year, and to appreciate the reminder of the privilege I enjoy in being at home with our children. I'm a bit of a slow learner!

The children came home from VBS each day with a new song of praise and a short verse to learn. The Bible stories were familiar, but they gained new insight into ways to apply the truth of God's Word in their everyday lives. They came home tired, but smiling, eager to share their morning with me. They also spent time with some children that they don't usually get a chance to get to know. The Storyteller made a new friend! Friends are definitely something to smile about.

Right now, our Dreamer is talking on the phone to her dear friend Dancer, who recently moved to New Orleans. Her family has a home, and they are doing well. Her Daddy is still looking for work, but they are beginning to get settled. We miss them terribly, but we are happy that they are getting a fresh start in a new place.

It is a joy to hear her talking with her friend. Their conversation must be a nice one, since our Dreamer is smiling and laughing. She has even forgotten our lunch date, but that's fine - it can wait!

We are having a girls weekend, since the guys are at Camp Bethany. I hope they are having a great time. The Historian is not a camper, but Storyteller loves camp. I appreciate that our Historian is putting aside his personal preferences to take our son on a fun weekend adventure. Next year he will be old enough to go to camp alone for the week, but we'll see how his maturity level is! I am praying that I will be well enough to volunteer in the kitchen, if he isn't ready. We'll see what another year brings. Camp is something to smile about!

To start off our girls weekend, we just hung around. Dreamer is a reader and loves peace and quiet. Something she doesn't always get with her younger brother around. We played UNO after supper until 9:30 pm. It was fun to just spend time with our daughter, laughing and talking. Something precious to smile about, for sure.

Today we slept in. Yeah! I wanted to get my ironing finished, which I did this morning! I let Mount Iron-more grow to catastrophic proportions in the last few weeks! It had taken over a chair and a basket and there was nothing for anyone to wear! It took me 5 1/2 hours total , but I tamed that nasty mountain. I am missing Michele's help with the ironing each week, and with my chest cold hanging on for so long, I really got behind. An empty ironing basket is really something to smile about!

Now, the rest of our day is free to do girl things, so I am off to follow our daughter's lead and enjoy the day with her. Maybe we'll still go out for lunch - after all, it's our day!

Definitely something to smile about.

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  1. I've missed your posts, and I'm glad to see you back! Everybody needs a break from VBS sometimes, so don't feel guilty. Enjoy your time with your daughter this weekend, too. Those years go so quickly. God bless! I'm a faithful lurker reader - ha, ha!

  2. Oh I like the picture of those berries! Can't wait til ours in the woods grow big and ripen!

    Glad you left a nice tip for that girl. I hope she thinks about the tract! Ever since Michael's brother worked in the restaurant business we are much more aware of tips and how much the waiter's rely on them.


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