Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tidbits of joy: electricity

Five short hours without power have once again opened my eyes to our pathetic dependence upon all things electric. It's sad really. The thunder, wind, hail and rain storms that have gone through our area in the last 24 hours have been devastating for many. I have not heard about tornado damage yet, but that's a distinct possibility, from what was predicted. Flash floods are forcing people from their homes and though I have not yet heard of any deaths, there usually are those who get caught in the floodwaters and loose their lives. Many roads in our area are closed, and all day long our road has been littered with tree trimming crews and the Power Company trucks. I'm sure many of them have been working all night, and that's not an easy job.

For our family, it's been little more then a minor inconvenience. We lost a good night's sleep - though the children slept soundly, many tree branches, a layer of dirt and mulch from the gardens, a few plants, and our power for 5 hours. Our septic system is once again filled with ground water and the sump pump is working like crazy now that the power is back on. I must wait to do laundry until the groundwater has dissipated. My husband had to take three different routes to avoid the water, but he made it to work. We have so much to be thankful for.

We did school work by candlelight this morning. That was fun. Dreamer wasn't able to do her computer work - and she found that fun too! The children played games and only had one scrap. Perhaps a record? Board games bring out their competitive natures like nothing else does. Our yard is a mass of puddles with some parts underwater, so there is no going out to play. Perhaps if the Storyteller didn't have the tail end of a cough, but since I can't wash what will inevitably get wet/dirty/ruined, we'll stay inside. Maybe a walk later.

For now, I am just really happy to have the power back on. We have a freezer full of food, and I really wasn't up to throwing a 'grill everything in the freezer' party to use it all up. Everything is still quite frozen, thankfully. I also really like that we have water again - one of the drawbacks of our current well system - no power = no water.

Incidentally, on my 'home chores list' I moved this notation up a notch:
- look for a manual well pump that can be attached in emergency cases, and in the meantime, remember to fill all the water jugs when bad weather approaches.

We use a lot of water!

I am so thankful that I cut a bouquet of peonies before the storm. They are gracing our table and filling the room with sweet fragrance. The ones that remained on the bushes in Mr.Neighbor's yard are utterly flattened. So sad, but so often the way. We don't usually enjoy a long season of their beauty before the rains generally destroy them.

I hope all is well with you all! Did you get the brunt of this weather system? If so, how did you fare?


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  1. I thought of you when I heard there was a lot of storm damage near your area. We had more damage on Friday than yesterday. Christopher came home from graduation practice and wrote his grad speech by candlelight!

  2. AnonymousJune 05, 2008

    We did school work by candlelight this morning...
    Ah, the simply joys in life! What a way to keep things in perspective and positive.

  3. Sounds like you are handling the disruption very well. Knowing God makes us see things from a different perspective..


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