Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm looking for 'springdicators' everywhere! 
In the back patio garden, new life amidst the debrise from last summer's blooms!

Popping up everywhere in glorious abundance! Of course, thanks to Mr. Grey Squirrel (also known as the tree rats), most of my bulbs are NOT coming up anywhere close to where I planted them ... *sigh* 
Gardeners are by nature, eternal optimists ... we have to be!

The chair cushions I made last summer for the Grammy Flat Porch are all washed and waiting to be put back out on the wicker furniture. You can read about that fiasco with a HAPPY ENDING  HERE and see the finished job HERE, if you like! It's worth it just to remember how awful these looked once upon a time! 
No more Mr. Peppermint paw prints and clumps of white fur.  
Of course, I'm dreaming!

Shocking chartreuse 'Envy' Zinnias making their way under the grow lights on the workbench. Such a departure for me, but 'Green Envy' Coneflower lead the way last summer! It was smashing!

 Spring cleaning of the candle cupboard has begun - I always make such a mess tidying up.  I have been taking the cleaning in small bites, and it is amazing how much I've done here and there. So much more to do, of course, but bit by bit I'll get there!

Muddy boots by the door - just a quick trip out to the shed is taking your life in your hands! The perennial joys of clay soil assure us that our mudroom will always live up to it's name in the spring!

Goodbye heavy winter coats, and hello to spring jackets.  All washed and hung outside on the line to dry, they are back on hangers and in the wardrobe now! Really, they are the least used garments we own since it often seems like we just peal off winter and put on shorts and t-shirts!  They will get used in the fall as we habitually procrastinate the 'winter switch'.  Dreamer has all the mittens, toques, and scarves put away and all of the gloves, bats, balls and caps in their places!  Spring, we are ready for you!

It was a bit windy today but I got some of my thrift store finds primed and ready to paint! O.k. - it was very windy and I inadvertently spray painted my fingernails with white primer.  
I'll be doing the dishes by hand for a while ...

My 'crafty' has been MIA for sooooooooo long!  I am ready to put out an APB on it!  I think with all the nasty virus and blood clot issues I've faced in the last 4 weeks, my 'crafty' is just in hibernation!  Everyone goes through times when they lack inspiration, I guess.  Hopefully I'll get the energy to work on some fun projects and rev up my creativity - soon!

Last but not least, the beginning of the baseball season tonight with Storyteller's first practice.

I'm not too sure about this last 'springdicator' - this is our Storyteller's first year on the city's junior team.  Last summer he enjoyed a casual fun homeschool sandlot ball team and it has awakened a longing to be on a 'real' team with a 'real' diamond and regular balls.  My fears abound, but I am amazed at his focus, aptitude and passion for the game, so I keep on praying and trusting - I guess I have unwittingly joined the ranks of the ball moms.

What 'springdicators' are popping up at your house?
Do tell!

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  1. Thank you for inspiring me to put away those winter coats - I usually just leave them in the closet year-round.

    And to plant zinnias.....(dreaming of summer)

  2. Emily - we have no choice with the coat switch! Our sun room/mudroom had no closet, so we bought a huge 1880's German wardrobe that had seen better days and we put a bar in it. It is big, but not big enough for 3 seasons worth of coats! So, the off-season coats go to the front hall closet every spring and fall!


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