Thursday, March 4, 2010

Signs of life ...


After a sudden, rather discouraging re-lapse into the land of sickness, I all but gave up ever eating anything tastier than jello and tea.  However, today, I thought about milk chocolate pudding.  Soft, yet tasty - and not jello.  It sounded so good to me - so I made some!

Then, while I was in the kitchen anyway .... I thought about those forlorn looking empty cookie jars, my poor deprived children, and the Homeschool Culture Fair that is coming up. Soon!  Our time to test drive a few Scandinavian cookie recipes is running short!  Dreamer and I  decided the try these 4 ingredient treats - quick, easy, but only good for very sore throats when dunked in hot tea. Please don't tell my Mum that I've become a dunker!


I needed to use up a few of the 3 dozen eggs languishing in the fridge and decided pound cake would be nice.  While I was flipping through the recipe pile (the 'not to be properly filed until tested' pile)  for 'Million Dollar Pound Cake' I came across 'Poppyseed Chicken Casserole' which I had bookmarked for my January 'new recipe testing'.  I do know it's March, but I feel like I've lost a month somehow, so I don't mind being a bit behind.  It matches well with the rest of my life - just a little bit behind! I threw a nice soft, easy-as-can be casserole together and I even remembered to call my Historian and let him know that I actually made supper and we are running short on milk.  

His comment, 'Great, I take it you are feeling better?'

See, signs of life are everywhere - even in our quiet little corner of the world!

I'm still pondering II Corinthians 12:9
'And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.'

I am quite certain that my family has not seen God's grace in my life during these past 10 days of sickness, and I know I found little gladness in my infirmity.  Very little indeed.  Yet again, I see an area of much needed growth in my Christian walk, and for that I am grateful for this season of sickness - or, more honestly, almost grateful!  I'll be even more grateful when I can swallow again without wincing!

Like many moms with chronic illness, I am my own worst enemy - it's either full steam ahead or full stop.  I'm quite sure that cleaning through the house on the first day of feeling better was the cause of my relapse.  Yet, it's hard not to push to get things done when I have any energy at all.  I have much to learn about finding balance and treating my body kindly and with the special care it requires. I sometimes suffer needlessly, all in a quest to be the woman I used to be - able to accomplish so much.  I am glad that God is still at work in the woman I am now - my heart's desire is still that 'the power of Christ may rest upon me'.

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  1. I thought of you today as I heard Your Hands on K-Love while running errands. :)

    Oh, how I can relate! Talk about "been there and always doing that". I ended up on the sofa yesterday afternoon only because I had been trying to do too much since I finally felt a little better.

    I love poppyseed chicken casserole. A southern friend of ours used to bring it to church dinners when we lived in Iowa.

  2. Aha! you will be doing some baking for the culture fair! Yum!!! Are you going to post the cookie recipe? They look good!!!

  3. Absolutely lovely blog. I enjoy everything you write. I am hoping that your health is much improved and I love your walk with our Lord.


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