Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ready ... set ... it's Cousin's Camp

I am just sitting down for a minute to enjoy a nice hot chocolate to boost my energy a bit! Yum! We've had a busy week of it getting ready for the cousins to come. We've accomplished a lot and our summer 'to - do' list has made great strides. It's always good to have an incentive to move forward with those ' someday soon' projects! There is only one 'big' project left on the list and that is a retaining wall - I can't wait to get it started! I so enjoy working with my husband on simple projects for our home - and since neither of us have ever done anything like this before, it will be a good learning experience for us both! We are replacing a short decorative wall, so it's not essential that we get it perfectly right, and it's not a huge project - just the kind we like to tackle!

Here is my garden gate sign for the cousins! They should be here in just a couple of hours. It's been raining hard all day, so I am glad that the sun is finally peaking out to welcome them.

It's so humid tonight that I just know we would be eaten alive if we tried to spend any time on the Grammy Flat porch, but it's all ready ... we just have to move the mouse traps and enjoy a comfy seat! hopefully we will have some cooler days that we can sit an enjoy this special place. It's been a great deal of work, but so far we have been loving this new space - we've had lunch out here and the Historian has been enjoying his paper here too! The children are keeping their toys put away in the corner - I am still looking for a cupboard of some sort for that purpose, but they are doing a great job so far! I'm hoping that my sister and I will get to Garden Ridge and I'll find just the right outdoor rug for this space ... on sale of course! I brought my Bible out here a few mornings ago and had a lovely sweet time, listening to the birds and praying for strength!

I'm always talking about the Grammy Flat, but it's never presentable enough to show you since I do a lot of crafting and messing around out here - since we don't have basement or a garage, it's kind of a dumping place too! It ready for our company tonight though, so I thought I'd let you peak in! I love our wall color - it's Sherwin Williams 'Macadamia' and we've used it in the playroom and our master bathroom as well - I love it!

This is the little kitchenette - so handy for summer canning and also store food when we have a house full! The counter is perfect for crafting and those are my Goodwill bar stools -$20 for three - perfect! Two still had their plastic upholstery covering! Grammy's coffee pot is all set! those cupboards are full of empty canning jars! I need to get to work!

I decided it was time for a new table cloth in the sun room when I discovered I had all this fabric left from the drapes - it's reversible too!

This is proof that our counters can be cleared and uncluttered - we'll see how long this lasts!

I am longing for water - big water! I'm not seeing much of that here in our farmland corner of the Midwest, but I can bring a little beach home on the mantle for the summer months! I spent $4 on more shells at Crafts 2000 a couple of weeks ago, but everything else was 'found' in my home or made by me!

I couldn't find any driftwood, but I totally copied Kimba's rustic boat - check out her post here to see the great looking driftwood sailboat she purchased from White Flower Farmhouse!
The shutters are a Goodwill find for $2 - they were moldy, but cleaned up with bleach and a light spray of primer. The glass globes are from broken garden lights - I want to put some more rice lights in them to make them sparkle, but I bought outdoor ones by mistake!

I'd better get back to the kitchen! Before I go though, I have a prayer request - for good health for me, as always, but also that our children would be gracious and kind to one another!
I'm praying for the septic and well too ... we've never had 5 extra people for a week in the summer time!

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  1. AnonymousJuly 11, 2009

    Dear Mommy
    I love all of the photos and can not wait till cousins camp. It will be so much fun to spend time with the cousins.
    Love Dreamer

  2. AnonymousJuly 12, 2009

    Heather, you absolutely amaze me. What a great job you have done on the "Grammy + Poppa" room. Wish I were there with you all, but I wasn't invited as this is a "mom and daughter and kids" time

    I just know you will build into the lives of the kids, and will give them memories which is what this time is all about.

    Gread Job Honey

    Love - Heffalump

  3. I have enjoyed having a peep nto your home. Glad you posted the photos. I do hope y our health will be good, and the children!

    God continue to bless:o)

  4. Oh Heather, The grammy flat looks awesome! I love your kitchen cabinets, and everything looks so lovely.

    You can come down here for some water!! We've got plenty of sun, fun and splashing going on!!

    Maybe after the cousin camp is done?? Hope all is going well!! What a cute idea!



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