Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Musings

I am back in a kinda sorta maybe kind of way. Aren't you glad I'm so sure about that? I am glad to report that a week off my feet has reduced my blood clot to something the size of a blueberry - a really good thing. It's not hot or nearly as painful, so that's really a blessing.  The aspirin is upsetting my stomach and I'll be glad when I can get off it. I made it to church - not Sunday School, but just worship, but had to sit almost at the very front with a pillow propping my leg on the pew.  I felt far too conspicuous. I sat with two older ladies who also have physical struggles, and they were a blessing as they hugged me and offered understanding.

Over the weekend some vacuuming, bathroom scrubbing and floor washing was accomplished, but the rest of the house just went to pot.  It was encouraging to check in with Home Sanctuary this morning and be gently prodded by Rachel Anne to get back on track with Minimum Maintenance. So good to know that I don't. have. to. tackle it all at once! Whew! I am still coughing and very tired, so I guess this virus hasn't had it's last say yet!

I also popped over to read Brenda's thoughts at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me this morning - and was inspired again by her reflections! I encourage you to click over and read her post HERE. You'll be blessed!

'Never underestimate the importance of a domestic missionary, with an apron around her waist, love in her heart, and wisdom in her words.'
 I think I need to stitch this into a sampler for days when I am so deep in the trenches of motherhood I forget entirely that I am on the home field, and though my mission may be small, it is mine to be faithful to. 

This morning  I was praying for a former roommate from Bible College and her family.  Her father in law passed away over the weekend after a long battle with Parkinson's, and she has been on my mind for prayer all week, though I did not know her father in law was in the last days of his struggle. I am always amazed when God lays someone on my heart just at the time they need prayer - it is very humbling to 'hold the ropes' for those in need.  

As I was praying, another friend called and encouraged my heart.  She was blessed by some ministry at her church over the weekend, and has begun to pray about her relationship with her husband.  During her prayer time she asked God to give her a model of a godly wife, and surprisingly, I came to her mind.  I was so glad when she called me, especially after talking - now I know that she realizes how far from 'perfect' I truly am and how much higher she needs to set her sights! I directed her back to Scripture for her truest model, and reminded her that mutual submission is a lifelong process of putting God first in our marriage relationships, and that it takes prayer, planning and preparation.

Now I am needed to get some math done since history and independent work is complete.  We are off to piano, ballet and the library later since our holds are in! Speaking of library's - I thought this story was pretty interesting.  I'm certainly not ready to give up my freedom for overdue library books, but I guess some folks are.  Read the ABC article HERE if you like! Connie at Smockity Frocks sounds a wee bit worried - perhaps she has an overdue book on her mind! 

Next time I post I'll include some pictures of our seedlings and their progress - they have thrived despite my neglect, so we are all set for zinnia's, lettuce and cukes  - now we just need some warmer weather! 

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  1. Hi Heather. I'm so sorry to hear that you have been under the weather and struggling with health issues. I will keep you in prayer. Your post was very encouraging for me and I can see why your friend was led to call YOU! I'm going to go check out some of the sites you mentioned. Feel better soon!

  2. Very glad that your blood clot is getting smaller. I hope it doesn't cause more trouble. We're enjoying the bit of warmer weather and I made myself go out to the garden yesterday and start cleaning it up. If only I was as motivated to garden as I am to craft. :)


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