Friday, March 5, 2010

Company Girl Coffee

Welcome Company Girls!   The sun is shining in on me this afternoon - I hope it is shining on you too!  I stepped out on the back patio and just soaked some rays into my pale face - getting my vitamin D for the day!  It felt so good to close my eyes and hear the bird singing and the drip drip drip of melting snow!  I've just made a fresh batch of sweet tea. Would you like yours with our without lemon?  I love lemon and it's good for me too, so I take extra!  There are a few Scandinavian brown sugar cookies left from our little baking time yesterday, but not many! 

Today we ventured out to the library lest the 'lost book police' come and take away our library cards!  We got them in before the fines piled up too much, but I don' think it looks very well to have the family of a library employee racking up the fines for overdue books! I can't sleep at night when it gets over the 50 cent mark! It was a blessing to sit in a quiet corner and look through books while the children made their selections.  Even a year ago I could not have done that with our Storyteller - he is learning self control and it is a blessing! We are knee deep in preparation for the Home School Culture Fair at the end of the month and we are studying Sweden.  With so many family roots coming from good Swedish stock, we thought it was the perfect choice for this year!

It was so nice to get out.  We checked the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store again for a wee wall cabinet for Dreamer's bathroom.  She only has a tiny spot of a bathroom - just 3'x5', so it's got to be in scale with her tiny space.  Nothing this time, but we'll keep checking.  There was a hug tall lighted thing - quite hideous, but with the right TLC, a gem for someone, I'm sure!

We came home and tackled school work - after messing around with a bunch of ice chunks on the driveway.  I remember how much fun I had as a girl in spring throwing ice on the blacktop and watching it begin to melt even as my hands were frozen.  So much heat absorbed and radiated by the asphalt! I guess I could say we were doing science ... maybe!

After lunch and more schoolwork, I took Rachel Anne's advice and did a little something that made my heart sing - and no, it wasn't another nap!  I actually transplanted my chives and potted some soil for more plantings. It was so much fun - I love dirt!  I love planting and growing things !  I was 'garden dreaming' just before drifiting off  last night and I could just feel the itch to dig and plant!

I caught up on my 'to call' list this afternoon.  I have not been able to call much this week because of a lack of voice - I didn't want anyone to think I was pranking them!  There are 2 consignment shops that carry furniture and I keep checking to see if they have any bookcases in.  They both do, but tall and narrow, while we need low and wide! 

I also finally began the process of putting away our winter decor in preparation  for a good cleaning and the putting out of all things spring and green! I am appalled at the amount of dust under all those pretties, but I am turning a blind eye and leaving it until tomorrow!

Not surprisingly, I am tired.  I have such a long shopping list and a long 'to-do' list as well, but I think I have learned my lesson for a while this time and I have decided not to push myself.  I am still coughing, blowing and washing my poor ancient hands!  Whose hands are these anyway?  They look like my grandmother's! 


Late last March these pretties were making my heart sing ... while I have a feeling that it will be a bit later this year, I am excited to see  even the promise of spring in my garden! I guess that is all for now - I hope all of the germs have finally left our house, and we'll have a better visit next week!  Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I love your tulips, Heather!
    I'm with you on the library fines...I am constantly paying them for their services! *sigh* Oh well. :)

  2. Pretty pink tulips and it will be such joy to see them this spring.
    How fun to study Sweden with that as part of your family roots.

  3. We check out way too many books, but our libraries have a really good email reminder system, so that helps. Surprisingly, I've only been fined twice. I would love to know how to garden, but I don't have a green thumb at all. You wonder how we manage to get 300 tomatoes last year. =p

  4. The flowers are so pretty! I love flowers and I'm so looking forward to the arrival of Spring!

  5. What a busy, busy lady you are! :-)

    Oh, I know what you mean about those hands...mine are definately showing my age.

    Blessings, Kim<><

  6. Aw, the library! My kids love it...I dread it because my two year old loves nothing more than pulling every blessed book off the shelf! I wish I could just order them up like a drive through! My middle boy just turned 10 and can finally get his own card. He is so excited. I am just imagining more risk of fines!

    Beautiful tulips. I can't wait to see a few of those!

  7. I got to the point of not taking kids to the library because they were always losing the books and I got frustrated paying the fines...or worse, replacing books! I do love going on my own though! :0) I've already been looking at my garden for ANY signs of green growth,, I yearn to see a little colour!

  8. Just noticed that my iris s are showing sprouts. They are on the warm side of the house so get full sun.
    Summers coming: cars and trucks to wash: sunshine to soak in.

    H m m m. what could be better?

  9. Your tulips are so pretty! I am with you on the library finds. My library has a one-day grace period...I have taken advantage of that more times than I care to admit!

  10. Studying Sweden sounds so fun! Are you going to do some baking for that? We too are enjoying the warmer weather and the kids can get outside!


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