Saturday, March 27, 2010

Introducing ... Bailey!

Update on Mum:  Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts for my Mum.  She just got home this afternoon and is so grateful to be back in her own bed.  She is desperate for a shower, but she is in good spirits otherwise.  I can't believe they don't even wash your hair in the hospital anymore! Cutbacks! Do they not understand that a sponge bath and hair wash would go along way in boosting moral for the patients? They weren't able to put on a showerproof dressing for her wound either, so she is not to shower for two weeks, but I have a hunch that my Dad, who is after all Canadian - eh!,  will come up with something!  It might even involve duct tape - because, well, Canadians make it a habit of keeping some handy you know! Or at least Americans who used to watch the Red Green show seem to think so!

And now, without further ado!
  Introducing ... Bailey!

I'll just bet you never saw that coming!
Well ... we didn't either to be honest!  In January, one of the home school families was looking for a home for Bailey and posted the need for a good home on our Yahoo Group. Before we told the children and while we were praying and considering the matter, she was adopted.  We were really disappointed, but figured it wasn't the right time for us to have a dog, and left the matter at that.
Today, we adopted Bailey. 

She is an almost two year old Basset Hound mix.  Her second family did not want to give her up - she is so sweet and affectionate!  Circumstances forced them to find homes for both of their family dogs, and we were blessed with Bailey.

It's been a long time since we opened our home to a dog.  They are work.  They are a tie down.  They do unspeakable things with their tongues, but ... they also bring much joy.
The children have been asking for a dog for ... years. Many many years.

Bailey is a little camera shy - in fact she's just plain shy! Dreamer is giggling while trying to get her to sit for her picture!  Already she has brought much laughter to our home!

So we have a dog.  Peppermint is not impressed, but hopefully, since he is an outdoor cat, he will give her a wide berth and learn to get along.  We have a lot to learn about training a dog.  She has never been taught to heal, sit, lay down, or stay.  She is bright, but stubborn.  Hopefully, she is trainable. I know what extra reading the kids will be doing ...'How to Train Your Dog' in 10 easy lessons ... I wish!

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  1. Oh I love this dog, bassett hounds are so appealing in their looks. I am sure she is a great addition to your family.

  2. What a cute dog!

    That's how we adopted Victoria. Another family from church had rescued her and that didn't work out. They already had boy cats who were very mean to her.

    Today she is the queen of our house. I love what animals bring to a family.

  3. Just getting caught up! Your children must be so excited to have a dog!!! And it sounds like you know the work cut out for you but I'm sure the children will be absolutely delighted with having a pet. We are not to that stage yet...although my family enjoyed many, many dogs over the years.


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