Monday, July 27, 2009

Seeing Red

Behr's 'Cherry Tree' red to be exact. Inspired by Karla at It's the little things that make a house a home' I bought the paint for our door a few months ago ... and promptly chickened out! Then I bought flowers to match for all of my front planters, and still I didn't get out the paintbrushes! When our company was on the way, I just ran out of time and energy. Clean bathrooms were more important than a freshly painted front door! My sister gave me some good pointers and encouraged me to just get at it. Today was the perfect day ... and I am still not done, but I discovered something. Red doesn't cover very well. I'm on my 5th coat. I'm using a roller and it is drying nicely, but I still see the green/almost black. I also discovered that the last painter didn't take off the hardware, and this door has been an ugly rusty shade of red before! Too funny!

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  1. AnonymousJuly 27, 2009

    That is a great shade of red honey.
    A little too late now, but I am surprised that someone who sold paint didn't suggest tinting a quart of high hiding undercoate to be used as the first coat. That would have been easier to cover, and yes. . . . red does NOT cover well. But think on the bright side, it is even harder to cover when you decide to change the color . . . . . h.m.m.m.m

    Look great so far.


  2. I used a new premium paint from Behr that is supposed to have the primer step built in for two coat coverage and since the door was a dark green, the sales lady didn't think additional primer was needed - she said it might even make it harder. Live and learn! It wasn't a big deal since it is such a small thing to paint, but it surprised me! I am loving the color and even our old hardware is looking much better in such cherry surroundings! Next ... the numbers!

  3. I love the color!! That is great shade of red!! I painted over my red door with black and I had the same problem trying to cover it! Took many, many coats! It will be worth it though! Looks great!

    Lou Cinda :)

  4. Your blog just inspires it.

    Just had a few minutes to visit some of my blog friends tonight...Enjoyed your post ....We have had an eventful summer...and my blog time has been little...always enjoy my visit to your blog.


  5. Wow Heather!! I love it!! Red just gives some zing, doesn't it!! It just says "Look at me!" Our front doors are glass with a burgundy red surrounding the glass. We love them. You go girl!! Paint is such a great way to make a change!!

    Hope your weekend is glorious!!
    Have I told you before how much I like your profile photo? You even look like a nice person!!


  6. I love your door. I have been thinking I would paint my front door red and now, knowing the color you chose will be right for me, I will head for Home Depot for some paint. My door is white and I will take off the hardware. Thanks for sharing.


  7. How pretty!!! I LOVE red front doors and I think yours is just perfect!!!

    Mrs. U

  8. LOVE IT!!!!! Looks fabulous.

  9. Five coats! Looks great though:0)

  10. I love it! I'm a RED girl and tried to paint my door RED, but it came out too peachy and I have never been happy with it. Would you mind sharing brand/paint color that you used? My paint chip 'looked' red but alas, when painted over the old blue paint, it changed. BEAUTIFUL - enjoy!


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