Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baseball Birthday Bash

Last night we had our big birthday bash for Storyteller before the cousins left for home this morning. His actual birthday is tomorrow, so it was a special treat to have an early party and get his gifts before his 'real' birthday!

We set the table with our most patriotic tablecloth and the centerpiece is our homemade pinata - filled with baseball themed trinkets and a few sweet treats! It was a real hit after the dinner, gift opening and ballgame! They had to scrounge around in semi-darkness, but they found every piece of candy!

It looks to me like this particular birthday boy is quite pleased to be turning 9 and enjoying a big celebration with the cousins! Usually we are too far from family to have a big celebration, so this year was extra special!

Our Storyteller wanted an ice cream cake - but not an expensive 'store-bought' one thankfully! I made a batch of my hot fudge sauce and layered vanilla and chocolate ice cream and sauce in a deep bowl. I un-molded it, iced it with freshly whipped cream - and tinted some green for 'grass'. The lacing is just red licorice strips! He was ecstatic ... and the best part - it was very tasty!

He was so excited about his gifts - just really overjoyed and expressing a whole bunch of appreciation! Just what a Daddy and Mama love to hear!

So, if you're looking for our big guy, he'll be out in the yard - listen for the occasional 'Play Ball' and 'Batter Up!', because our boy has America's favorite past-time on the brain! The great part is, he is actually getting pretty good for his first season of play!

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  1. I enjoyed dropping by your blog. Looks like we have a lot of blogs in common!!!!

  2. What a fantastic birthday! Love how you made your own icecream cake! That sounds fantastic!!! :) Glad he had a great time! :)


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