Wednesday, June 17, 2009


A departure for me - I wanted to add some reds to the front gardens this year in the annual containers - because I am planning to paint the front door a lovely cherry red ... as soon as I get up the nerve! We need some curb appeal, not that the house is for sale, it's just that we've worked so hard fixing up the inside, the outside has been kind of neglected. Grey vinyl siding on a rambling ranch can get fairly monotonous. We have some stone veneer to break up the view around the front door, but I was hoping for a little something to really make things 'pop'.

I went to the garden center with the best of intentions, trying to find bold cheery reds that appealed and inspired, and I comforted myself with the thought that I was keeping the patio garden in my favorite quiet shades of pink, purple, creamy whites and blues.

I couldn't do it - bright cheeky reds are for me to admire in other people's gardens, I guess! Magenta was as close as I could bring myself to come to red, which leads me to wonder if I'll ever get the door painted. All the front containers are this combination, and I do love the richness and depth.

I divided the hostas that line the Grammy Flat porch this year and can't get over the fact that it is just as large as last year already - I'll give credit to the manure I guess!

Every garden I've ever planted has had a piece of the past in the form of my Poppa David's perennial sweet peas. I have hoped for seed pods every year we moved, and saved a few back 'just in case'. I never know what colors will appear - they are often quite varied, but this year it looks like the soft pinks were the survivors! These sweet smelling blooms are just beneath our back bedroom window! Ahhh! The swing is right beside them too, so I think I'd better head out to enjoy their fragrance!

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  1. I like the magenta too :) I think a red door though is sooo chic :)

    All the best,

  2. I love that color combination in the second shot. That chartreuse green makes the magenta really pop!

  3. Lovely garden and flowers:0)

    I have something to ask you about...

    I can't continue to teach my son after the age of 13. He will have to go to secondary school. He has been accepted into the one that we really wanted him to attend, I am very glad to say. I am thinking of having a party for him just before his 13th birthday in 2011 to mark the end of his learning at home, his journey into being a teenager and the start of his regular school life. Have you any ideas? What do people usually do in the US?

    Would be grateful for any ideas or advice you can give.



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