Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I feel like I am de-swamping in more ways than one. First of all, the children are spending their mornings in a creek - in old clothes and protective footwear. They are having a blast and learning a lot about outdoor survival, but the laundry has taken on a distinctively swampish odor. What would I do without Borax? It takes nasty smells out of clothing better than anything I know - and it's cheap! Still, two complete outfits a day along with sweatshirts for the cool morning is making for a lot of wash.

I'm de-swamping my sewing and craft are too - I piled a bunch of stuff there just before our company came in hopes that I would work through it bit by bit in the evening after everyone was in bed, but I was too tired each night to even think about it. I am digging out bit by bit and got three mending projects out of the way today.

I'm de-swamping physically too - trying to get rested up and get back into a better schedule. Taking care of myself has always been low on the priority scale, but I am learning that it is necessary to make the good days better days and the bad days a bit further apart.

Right now the Storyteller is reading out loud to his Daddy - what a blessing to be back to our quiet, simple happy routine.

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    Dear Mommy
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