Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Garden Mysteries

This is our shed. Very run of the mill, wouldn't you agree? We thought it needed something to make it really pretty, and decided that a sunflower garden was just the ticket! We planted some sunflowers in the mini greenhouse about 3 weeks ago and they were doing great - we were so happy. Our next task was to wrestle the sod from the surface of the strip of real estate we were hoping to convert into a thing of beauty. We don't have soil, we have hard packed clay - when I mention wrestling with the ground , I'm not just spitting in the wind!

It wasn't easy, but the children and I accomplished what we thought might be impossible - and we amended the soil with sand, peat, compost and a good helping of well rotted cow manure. We transplanted our happy sunflowers and they thrived in their new surroundings for over a week - we were inspired! We added some long forgotten garden grapevine angels from the deep recesses of the shed, and a length of vintage fencing to keep the mowers out, and I decided a garden sign would be fun - which I set to making.

Today, I went out to hang our now completed sign - layers of sealer all dry and pilot holes drilled. Look what I found!!! Vandals! Thieves! Miscreants! Who could have done such a cowardly act of garden treachery? We questioned all suspects, shed a tear for the fallen sunflowers, and finally decided it was a mystery too sad to delve into.

Then we decided to take the sign's advice and just relax. Whatever happened is over and done - perhaps the one lone surviving sunflower will thrive, and the extra seeds we planted will eventually come. What ever happens, we had a lovely afternoon working together and making good memories, and be what may, it was a little taste of sweet summertime.

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  1. Sorry about your sunflowers! Am hoping the squirrels don't get my tomatoes when they finally grow!

  2. Hi... I'm flying from garden to garden enjoying every minute of it.... such pretty place to be... ;) and nice meeting you!

    Fairy Cielo

  3. AnonymousJune 17, 2009

    Your blog is lovely.

    I also have had the worst time with my seedlings this Spring. I planted morning glories and a black-eyed susan vines and some critter nibbled the little sprouts right up. I have since read that putting a piece of cardboard tubing around the shoots may protect them until they are bigger. By that point, maybe they won't be so tempting. I have also lost a new bird feeder to some crazy squirrels. They broke it into a thousand pieces to get at the bird seed. GRRR.

  4. Sorry about your little plants, try sprinkling garlic powder around the area. Most critters hate it. We did that to the perimeter of our 1/2 acre garden for years to keep out the deer, rabbits, woodchucks and such. It has to be re-applied every few days and after rain, but works for us. Hope it helps you, if you try it.
    Hugs, DJ in SW MI


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