Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Veggie Garden News

Every time I run outside to harvest some lettuce or pull a few weeds, I am happily blessed by the sight of our gardens this year. I can truly say we have been enjoying the sweetest lettuces and have the promise of many nice veggies to come. Everything is doing
so well - I've tied up the tomato plants three times, and have hilled the tall potatoes many more than that. We counted about 30 tiny cukes on the trellis, and our zucchini is doubling in size daily. The Dreamer planted the onions and tomatoes - the onions are growing tall too!

The four blueberry plants that we put in this spring are really growing nicely, and I stuck a pepper plant in the middle of them because there was room! I hope they enjoy the acidic soil we prepared for the blueberries! Time will tell.

This lettuce is kind of shaded so it hasn't gotten bitter yet - even though we've had some very warm days. It is so sweet and juicy compared to grocery store lettuce.

A second planting a green beans - just a short row since I don't have a way to can them. It will have room when we finish that tasty lettuce. I wasn't kidding about salads every night!

Another row of lettuce beside some more beans planted a few weeks ago - we have had a nice variety from this patch, and have given some away. I have some pictures of the strawberry boxes to, but for some reason, they won't download!

Every time I go out to the garden it makes my heart sing - I love to grow things and though it is a bit of work, it is also so much joy for me! I love that it connect me to my grandparents, especially my Poppa David who could grow anything, and did - even in Northern Ontario. I still choose the pinks, purples and whites that I helped my Nanny plant in her porch planters year after year - they make me think of her sweet quiet ways, and her funny little giggle when I did it 'all wrong'. I love being outside - our house attests to it's neglect, but it will be too hot for me soon, so I am making the most of these sweet summer days!

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  1. What a nice garden! All of that looks so good! I wish I had one like yours lol.

    All the best,

  2. Hi Heather! You garden is awesome!! We have too much shade to do a regular garden. I tried potted veggies, but it seemed they either didn't get enough water or got too much. Here in central FL you never know what it will be!!

    Thanks for sharing this...I really enjoy seeing what people grow!!

    Have a fantastic Friday!


  3. I just picked the last of my lettuce this morning. Since I planted so late, I was worried about it going bitter but the cool spring has kept it just fine.

    Since this is our first year, it is kind of a hodge podge of veggies. I'm going to plant strawberries in one of the three beds we will be building this summer (and have them ready for spring planting).

    I bought a package of lettuce seed to sow for the fall. Stephanie told me she usually sows her in late July or very early August but with the strange weather we've been having, she couldn't tell me for certain what would be the best time.

    I love seeing your pictures. :)

  4. Your veggie garden looks fantastic! It's so nice to be able to just go out and pick your own and it tastes sooo much better than what you can buy!


  5. Your garden is doing so well and the lettuce is incredible!! My garden is finally growing since I miracle growed it. :) It will be late, but I think it's going to make it. :)


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