Friday, June 19, 2009

Patio Blooms

Are you tired of garden pictures yet? I hope not! This is the back patio, where we are still enjoying the comfort of all those chair silly cushions that I completely recovered two summers past - you can see the pictures here, if you like! The lattice behind the hanging baskets was a project last summer - replacing the old rotten wood with a more open lattice work.

These lilies were an unmarked bag at home depot - for $2 - they have brought so much cheer to the garden for the last two summers! I don't know their names, but they are welcome to keep coming and getting more full and lush with each passing season!

A prolific self seeder, these pretty larkspur are everywhere - and I try to transplant them in clumps for more impact, but they come willy nilly here and there! The garden experts say that they don't like to be moved, but I've never had an issue, as long as I do it early in the season and on a cloudy day.

This is the herb garden. Not one variety of sage made it though the winter, but the new little ones are thriving with lots of compost and regular watering! The newly replanted rosemary is coming along too - it was doing so well last summer and the summer before, but this past winter didn't seem kind to many of my herbs. We haven't a speck of chives anywhere, though we had three good sized clumps last fall, and I even had to replant the parsley and cutting celery! This garden is right outside the back door and it's so nice to go and harvest fresh herbs for dinner! I don't think I've ever lost 9 plants in one winter season, but it was very cold for longer periods of time than our little corner of the Midwest is accustomed to!

I feel very very blessed, and not just a little bit spoiled! My garden makes my heart sing - in tune!

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  1. I love lattice in a garden :) cute little herb garden too!

    All the best,

  2. I never get tired of gardening pictures! Your veggies are doing so well and I love all of your pretty flowers!
    Have a wonderful upcoming week!

  3. I enjoy looking at real gardens and I like yours! Keep posting the photos:D

  4. Beautiful patio plants --- I especially love the sweet potato vine!


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