Monday, March 5, 2007

Ten Today ...

Where has the time gone? Ten years ago today a very special little boy was born. My husband and I were a 'waiting adoptive couple', hoping and praying each day to be 'chosen'. We were thrilled to get a call two days later - we were being considered by his birthmom! We were so nervous and excited.

We went to meet his birthmom and she liked us very much - then we went to meet 'our' baby boy! What a special sweet tiny little charmer he was - we couldn't wait to take him home! His foster family were wonderful - a homeschooling family of 6, godly Christians putting their faith into practice everyday. We visited for hours every day we were able to and got to know 'our' sweet boy!

We went home each night in a daze - we couldn't sleep, hardly ate, and neglected our church work terribly. We could hardly believe the blessing that was to be ours - a baby boy!

Finally, the first bunch of paper work was done, and we brought him home - just before Easter. We were still 'just fostering with a view to adopt', but how can you hold back your heart from loving a baby just because the paperwork isn't quite complete? You can't, and we didn't - and we don't for a moment regret loving him.

The Historian's mother came to see her first living grandson armed with a basket full of the most wonderful little boy clothes. Our church family showered us with love and baby gifts. We were forgiven for walking about in a daze! We got special permission to take him over the border to Canada so my parents could meet our precious boy. We celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary with them and 'showed off' our blessing!

On our way home, our baby boy was tired. We really couldn't afford a night in a hotel, but we took one anyway, and it was a precious night. He was fussy and tired, but we sang to him, rocked him, and prayed for him for hours. Our hearts were so full.

We arrived home to a message from our case worker. She sounded like she had been crying. Our boy's birthfamily had made other arrangements for the raising of this precious baby boy, and we were to take him back the next day.

We could hardly believe the pain. We had no idea it could hurt so much to loose a child.

We took him back to the agency - we decided to take all the beautiful clothes and lavish gifts that had been his to show the birthfamily how much he had been loved. We took a few of the pictures we had of him too, and gave it all to them. I read my journal to them - all of the love we felt was poured out before them. We wanted them to know what a blessing it had been to us to be a part of his life - even for a few short weeks.

We went home to grieve.
We called out to God and He answered. He brought peace first, healing took more time. I cooked - filled every one's freezer until my husband was worried we would go broke buying food to give away. I knit - 500 cotton dishcloths. It helped. Time helped. Prayer helped.

We prayed and waited. Six months later we felt the Lord telling us it was time to try again. We called and asked for our adoption profile to be put back into 'circulation'. Six weeks later we were chosen again!

This time the results were much more satisfying - we have our beautiful sweet Dreamer, and we have no regrets. We know God's plan to be perfect in every way.

We don't forget 'our' first precious child. We know God doesn't forget either. Everyday for the rest of my life I will pray for our first sweet boy. I wonder how he is growing up. I wonder what he looks like, likes to play with, likes to eat. I wonder how he is doing in school.

Most of all I wonder if anyone is telling him about Jesus. I wonder if he knows the Lord in a real way, or only His name used in obscenity. We just keep on praying. We know God has a special plan for his life - something we will likely never know this side of heaven.

So, today is his tenth birthday! I wish I could make him a cake, sing to him and give him a big hug. Today, I am a bit happy-sad, but I'm praying! Praying that this precious boy will know how much he is loved, praying he will know the love of God in his young life. Praying that he will hunger and thirst after righteousness. Praying that all is well.


  1. A special birthday prayer for him from me, too. What a touching story. Indeed, the Lord does not forget.

  2. That is such a sweet story! I pray someone is telling him about Jesus, too.

    Our first son, Matthew, died shortly after his birth (he was a preemie). Although it was so difficult at the time, we wouldn't have had our daughter if Matthew had lived. I know I will see him again and I know it was in God's perfect will.

    Just a few days ago, Stephanie said her husband wanted her to ask me a rather delicate question. Okay....?? He wanted to know if they can name the boy they are expecting next month...Matthew. Yes, it did bring tears (as it is right now)!

    I pray for "your" boy, too.

  3. What a precious story, and a testimony you are for having gone through it. I will be praying for your boy as well. I pray that one day you will see him in heaven.

  4. Oh Brenda - how precious! I am so sorry for your sorrow, but so blessed to know how God has used it for good in your life. Won't it be wonderful to have a grandson named Matthew to enjoy! We also used one of 'our' first boy's names for The Storyteller, and one day we will share that with him, and all of the joy it brings our hearts to watch him grow.

  5. Dear Heather, what a touching story. I will say a prayer for your little boy too.

  6. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

  7. Oh Heather, what a testimony of the grace and healing love of our Lord. What happened to you is I guess the dread of any adoptive parent until the paperwork is all signed and sealed. Like you, we gave our hearts to our son the first time we heard of him, gave more the first time we saw his photo, more the first time we saw a dvd of him, still more that precious first day we met him and I cannot imagine if we had lost him.

    You know what? I have assurance that the Lord will answer the prayers you and your dh prayed over that dear baby who was your son in your hearts. He didn't answer them as you wished, but I am sure that He will be blessing, guarding and leading that dear little boy today.

    I said a prayer for him too.

  8. Heather. . . .

    How well I remember the first time I met E W, and held him in my arms. What a joy and blessing to have him here for such a special ocassion our 35 th.

    I prayed over him, thanked the Lord for this precious life, and as I have done with all of my grandchildren, dedicated his little life to HIM.

    My heart sank when I got a call from the agency and knew something was wrong immediately. However, God is a faithful God, and I firmly believe HE is in this (now 10 year old) life. His promises are true and faithful. I look forward to seeing this little one again in Glory.

    Love Ya.


  9. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Heather. I am touched. I have experienced the loss as well, her name was Lisa.

    I will pray for him, that he has been told about Jesus, and that he knows him personally.

    Praying God's comfort for you today...patty

  10. What a wonderful blog you have~ so inspiring and encouraging! Ü
    Wishing you a blessed week ahead!

  11. Thank you all for your kind comments and for hearing our story. I do appreciate your supportive thoughts, and especially your prayers. God is faithful!


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