Saturday, March 31, 2007


When you are in the midst of a bathroom renovation, you can't help but find yourself wandering about in Lowes, looking for a certain part/fixture/accessory - it just can't be avoided! If you should suddenly find yourself completely turned around and unexpectedly going out those wonderful sliding doors to the garden center, perhaps you'll understand my dilemma.

This mini bulb garden just called out my name! Such a little purchase managing to make my heart sing amidst the dust, noise and interruptions of the bathroom demolition! I wish you could smell them with me! This morning the hyacinths are opening up and the whole kitchen is fresh with the heady fragrance.

On Wednesday we used the bulb garden for our subject for our Nature Notebooks since it was quite rainy and windy outdoors. This was the result:

These are our Nature Notebooks

The Dreamer's beautiful drawing.

The Storyteller tries his best.

Mommy's attempt.


  1. You all did a beautiful job on your pictures, Heather!! What pretty things to draw on a rainy day!

  2. Thank you for your compliments! I'll pass them along to the children!
    It did cheer us up considerably to draw such bright flowers! We couldn't find pencil crayons as cheerful as the blossoms! Thankfully the sun came out in the late afternoon that day too ... our yard is so soggy - we don't need any rain! The farmers are not able to get into their fields for fear they will get stuck, but it is early yet - just with the warmth, it feels like they should be planting!


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