Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Ladies' Home Journal

I am having such a lovely time perusing a 100 year old copy of The Ladies' Home Journal! The Historian just unearthed it from the storage closet and reminded me of it's existence. It is in very rough shape - literally falling apart. It's cover has parted ways with it's contents long ago.
Still, it is so fun to look through and learn from. The illustrations are so quaint and lovely. There is a detailed article entitled "How Can We Live More Cheaply?". In summation, the author, Mary Mills West states:
"Here is the principle in a nutshell: Several small quantities of anything bought day after day are nearly always more expensive than the same amount in one parcel. If purchases can be made in original packages directly from the wholesale merchant so much the better."
Buy in bulk - hmmmm that sounds so familiar! Advertisements for 'The First Paper Diaper' and Nabisco Sugar Wafers and The "Universal" Bread Maker astound me! There are wonderful articles about 'making over' children's clothing, and delightful sewing pattern offers. There are 'free' crochet patterns and household cleaning hints. There is even music for 'The Day When You'll Forget Me' an old time ballad! The print is very fine, so there is a lot to read!
I am thinking about trying to mat and frame some of the best pages to hang above my sewing and craft table, since the periodical is already falling apart. I don't know what else to do to best enjoy and preserve these pages. I don't think the storage closet is benefiting from it's unique beauty!


  1. How fun to look through! Framing some of the pages sounds like a great idea to me!

  2. I wholly agree. Get them out of storage. What a treasure.

  3. I've already picked 4 pages to frame - now I just need to wait for a framing sale at Hobby Lobby! Thanks for the encouragement!!


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