Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Marsh-wiggle Madness!

It is not everyday that one discovers that one has 'given birth to a Marsh-wiggle', but today was such a day for me! The children are both devoted Narnia fans and have listened to the Harper Audio CD's through from 'The Magician's Nephew' to 'The Last Battle' - more then once!

The Historian is currently reading the whole series to The Storyteller - and thus we are caught up once again in this wonderful world of Kings and Queens, giants, fawns, dwarfs, talking beasts and Marsh-wiggles - and most specifically Puddleglum.

The Storyteller, who is nicely recovering from a bout of sister's virus, has many chapters of each of the books memorized, so it really isn't hard to 'play' Narnia - he tells me exactly what to say! If I get lost, he stops and repeats whole paragraphs for me to repeat. He'll have to pick shorter dialogues for me now that I'm over forty, I guess!

Today, he took some cording and 'webbed' his feet. He stuck a feather in a dress up hat, put on an old brown coat and belt, gathered a tinder box and bow and presented himself to me.

In his best English accent:

'Don'tcha know who I am Madam?' Why look at me mud brown hair and me mud brown eyes! See me webbed feet at the end of me long stringy legs! It's none other than your son, Puddleglum, come for a visit, I am! Didn't you recall you'd given birth to a March-wiggle?'

There are some very distinct advantages of home education - we have the time to laugh until tears roll down our cheeks when our 6 year old Puddleglum comes for a visit.

It's good he's a very respectable Marsh-wiggle, or should I say, Respecta-wiggle?

Image from Marshwiggle


  1. That is so cute, Heather! My children like to play Narnia too. They tell me they need another brother to play Edmond. LOL


  2. Thank you for a good giggle =)

    I've always had a special fondness for Puddleglum.

  3. I just adore the way children's imaginations take off when given the right "food for thought". Your little man sounds just adorable, webbed feet and all!

  4. Many are surprised that we have introduced The Chronicles of Narnia so early to our children because it is fantasy with some pretty grim violence and the ever present struggle with good and evil, but there are so many wonderful redemption themes throughout the books that give us opportunites to teach parallels with God's redemption of mankind. Our children love castles, knights and princesses, so they enjoy the books very much!


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