Thursday, July 1, 2010

Computer Woes

Well, if it isn't one thing it is another, right?  Our desktop is dying and we don't have a lot of other technology to keep us connected to the outside world - no Ipod, Blackberry, cell phone or whatever else folks are using to keep in touch these days!  I told you we are simple folks! The Historian pulled out an 8 year old Dell laptop that was his mother's and was rarely used, and that's what I'm pecking away with - through an old dial up connection no less! I'll be back when we have this all resolved!  Maybe the computer just caught the Storyteller's cold? I guess our computer is getting old - it's 4 years old and used daily!  Maybe it just needs a long nap and a trip to the computer spa!  The technician will be here tomorrow at 10 and we'll see what's up!


  1. Our first desktop lasted something like eight years but Christopher tells me since then we're fortunate to get two or three years.

    We had to use our tax refund for a new desktop when we'd planned to replace our stove (which has two burners that don't work).

    Like you, we use our computer to stay in touch with the outside world so it became the priority.

    I use a laptop most of the time that was a gift. It is amazing how cheap they are now but my husband doesn't like them so he needed a new desktop when the other one died.

  2. I love your blog image and the name of your blog. A wonderful hymn. I hope your computer problems are resolved quickly. I work on 2 ten year old imacs (they are great) and can do quite a bit on the one. My daughter has the new imac. So happy to look at your blog.
    The best to you,

  3. I hope your computer problems are solved soon! I'm so glad your mom has had an extended visit with you!!I hope your arm heals quickly. Yes, that football number is a little worrying.


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