Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer is slipping by

Yesterday we quietly celebrated Storyteller's 10th Birthday!  I can hardly believe that he is 10 already.  Wasn't it just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital?  I'm sure it was! We had a nice day together, though we missed sister sharing in the celebration.  Storyteller is still quite hooked on baseball - in fact, I'm forgetting to share an answer to prayer with you!  He is NOT doing football this fall!!!  
We found out about a fall baseball league and he had to make a very hard choice - but baseball won out, and my relief was great.  Very, very great. He is really looking forward to it.

We decided on fudge cupcakes to go with the 'baseball' supper of hot dogs, corn on the cob, chips, peanuts in the shell and raw veggies - which strictly speaking are not ballfield fare, but we stretched it a bit.  It was a late supper since the Historian had to work until 8pm, but it was a fun celebration! Each candle represents 3.3333 years of his life - he didn't want a lot of candles to blow out, I guess.

Dreamer spent some time with my sister and her family this past weekend at their trailer in the Kawarthas and Kerrie-Lee sent me great pictures of our girl!  Fishing - but not really fishing since Uncle John baited her hook and released her catch -  she had a wonderful time!  She is really enjoying her time at Poppa and Grammy's house, but we are missing her terribly.  She and Storyteller had a long talk on the phone yesterday - I think he is missing her now too - at first he was just enjoying pretending to be an only child!  Now, he misses his playmate.

I'm struggling with extremely low energy these days so I'm trying to do a bit at a time as I am able - I wonder if the heat and humidity are zapping my strength more than usual this summer. If I get caught up on the cleaning a bit, I have a fun project to work on.  I found a really abused end table for $5 at our Habitiat for Humanity Re-Store that I think might be just what I wanted for the Grammy Flat porch, but it needs some TLC first. I keeping popping in to Habitat to look for a small wall cabinet for Dreamer's bathroom - I'm sure I'll find just the right thing one of these days - the fun is in the hunt!


  1. My son had to make an emergency trip to the clinic on campus this morning, his allergy symptoms becoming frightening.

    He was told that this is the worst allergy season in a very long time, affecting even those who normally don't have a problem (my doctor had already told me the same thing).

    I do pray you feel better soon!

  2. AnonymousJuly 21, 2010

    As I read this Dreamer and Thomas are at the piano practising (?) ther pieces together. They are having fun together and seemed to appreciate Poppa's Pancakes for breakfast this am. It is busy, bussing them to the beach, Carousel and train rides, Pizza at the waterfront, and so on. But it is a good(GREAT) busy, and we are enjoying them.


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