Saturday, July 10, 2010

We're still not up and running ...

I had no idea how hard  it could be to live without the computer for over a week!  I am well and truly addicted to my easy access to the world wide web!  Where are my favourite recipes kept? On my computer, of course!  Where is my list of phone numbers and e-mail adresses?  On my computer of course! My favourite decorating ideas and wreath inspirations - you guessed it!  I'm just a tad lost here - but after three hours of in-home repair our computer seemed to be well again, but it quickly died once again and we can't seem to manage to get in touch with the computer guy!  We're playing phone tag now!  I am getting just a wee bit frustrated, but in the grand scheme of things, my computer woes are very small ... except that while I've been absent from my blog, the TROLLS have been visiting and leaving nasty messages in older posts and back links to goodness knows what!  I am sorry about that - I hope you have not been directed to somewhere you have not wanted to go!  For now, I will close off the comments and hopefully dissuade the trolls.  Thanks for checking back with my quiet little blog!  I'll be back as soon as I can!  I'm using my Dad's laptop for this post, but it leaves with him tomorrow!

In other news ...

Dad is here to pick up Mum!  We have had a very good visit and it is ending too soon. Our sweet Dreamer is going to go with her Poppa and Grammy for a little lakeside visit - the call of two big bodies of water is just too much for her to resist!  I can relate, and would love to pack myself into Grammy's suitcase and head North too, but our Storyteller is half way through a daily baseball skills 'camp' so we have one more week before he is free to go anywhere! Hopefully, if I can get some of my tendinitis issues resolved through physical therapy, I will be able make plans for a week up North before the summer is out!  If not, we will meet Poppa at a half way point and get our Dreamer back! We will really miss her - but I'm glad she is getting the chance to go!  I know she will be well cared for by her Grammy and Poppa!

Mum has a new made with love by Heather personalized summer purse to take home with her, as well as a new bold summer wreath for her front door, and a wreath for fall as well.  I made a new swag valance for her bathroom window out of a shower curtain that we found at Khols.  Very cute and fresh! She is really excited about having a whole new look for her bathroom.  I also made her a silk arrangement complete with mini 'outhouse' for her bathroom wall!  Boy, have silks ever gone up in price since the last silk arrangement I made!  We were in shock!  We did find some cute clearance flowers for the wreathes so that was better, but when you are looking for specific matching colours, I guess it's worth paying a bit more to get exactly what you like! We've done more shopping than I usually do in a month, but Mum found some really good deals and a perfect quilted bedspread for her bed at home.  In fact, dad repainted their room about a year ago and I had made new valances for their windows last spring and he had the bundle of colour samples in their car, so this morning when we finally got to compare the sample with the new quilt, we were so blessed to see the 'perfect match' - in fact it could not possibly be better!

I should go - it's past my bedtime!  I hope we'll get our computer fixed next week and I'll be back in business, but in the meantime it's been fun to blog again!  Hope to see you all soon!

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