Friday, July 23, 2010

Company Girl Coffee - Some assembly required

Hi Company Girls - I'm glad you could drop by today. It's over 100 F in the shade, so I hope you are ready for something tall and cold.  I'm having iced sweet tea with lemon and a fresh baked cookie.  I was crazy to turn on the oven in this heat, I know, but I had no choice.  The cookie jar was empty and the boys could not begin thier adventure today without Mama's cookies for the trip!   I'm thinking about having ice cream for supper since the boys are out and Dreamer is still at Poppa and Grammy's house!  

It's been a busy day.  I started with ironing the Historians shirts, two loads of laundry out on the line and errands to the library, the Habitat for Humanity Restore, and playing 'personal shopper' for the Historian.  When we got home at noon we had lunch and did a quick cleaning of the van before heading out for another physical therapy session for my tendinitis and then to the grocery store for provisions.  When we got home we filled the cooler with drinks and ice, and the Storyteller got in his swimsuit and 'washed' the van while I made cookies.  Frankly, if it had not been necessary, I would not have stepped one foot out my door today - this heat is debilitating for me.  I drank three large bottles of our ice cold water and kept thanking the Lord for His provision of strength and a/c!

Now, after rushing about to get final trip preparations made, I am finally sitting down. I'm trying to work up the courage to go out and get the clothes off the line, but it is still soooo hot.  To hot for me!  I hope the dog doesn't want out any time soon because since I am on solo Bailey duty, I can't send someone else out with her!

This really tickled my funny bone today - I was 'personal shopper' for the Historian because I was afraid that if I washed his running shoes again, they would completely fall to pieces!  My Historian hates shopping for shoes and he has been putting it off for months.  I think at times he would rather have all his teeth pulled than go shopping, so we went shoe shopping for him.  Storyteller and I took the three pairs that they had in his size (and our budget) and brought them to the office for a quick trying on. Thankfully one pair suited and we took the others back right away, since their return policy is pretty poor. 

Here's the funny part:  I had to put these shoes together!  I am old enough to remember when the shoes came with their laces separate and we actually had to put in our own laces.  Yes, I'm very old. I can't remember when the shoe industry began to think that consumers were too dumb to lace sneakers and started to do that dreadful chore for us, but it has been years since a new pair of shoes needed any sort of assembly for me!  I guess Nike has decided that the men of America can handle a little 'peel and stick' assembly.  The arch support was not in place and came with directions in 4 languages as far as placement and adherence! Too funny!  It made me giggle anyway - or perhaps it's just the heat!

One more sip of iced tea and I'll get those clothes in before they fade any more!  I hope you have a great weekend - thanks for stopping by.  I'm praying for safety for my family this weekend and I'd appreciate you lifting them up as well.  The Historian will log in over 1300 miles in just two days to bring our sweet Dreamer home. I'll be enjoying some peace and quiet.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 24, 2010

    100!! I can't do 100. We were getting our AC installed today, but some component was faulty so they have to come back next week. =( Funny that you talked about running shoes, because I'm thinking about taking up running. Oh, I hate shopping by the way...for anything. Poor Hubby has to make all the grocery runs too. Hope your family have journey mercies in their traveling.

  2. Hi Joyce - I hope your AC install goes well next week! When we bought our house 6 years ago the folks who sold it to us had put a nice 'new' looking cover on the ancient AC unit, but didn't tell us that the AC was not working and was unrepairable. The home inspector didn't pick up on the problem either. The house was nice and cool when we toured it, but in hindsight, we realized that they had all the windows open and the attic fan drawing cool air from inside and the furnace fan on to blow up cool air from the basement. They would not make appointments to show the house other than in the early morning - so the deception was pretty calculated! We went all winter thinking we'd just have to turn it on when it got hot - but we actually had to replace the whole system! So, I really do understand!

    Yesterday it felt like 111 F because of the extreme humidity - but we had a stiff breeze, so it was sort of bearable - sort of! The breeze was hot and felt gritty and sticky. This morning is not much better 80 degrees at 7 AM!
    My Historian is not a runner, but he goes for long walks with the dog each day and his shoes where more holey than righteous! It was kind of comical!

  3. 100 in the shade is not fun, but being a Texan, I guess I'm used to it. Funny thing is, we haven't even hit 100 yet, but the NE is so hot! Global warming is everywhere but here, I guess! We even had snow this winter. Ack!

  4. Gettin a little tired of the heat myself here in Texas! We had a surprise thunderstorm rumble through here yesterday and it cooled everything off nicely. Of course, it came through right when I had to leave to go to a church event....there went the hair. Oh well, it was worth it. :)

    The shoes are inspiring. I'd get out and walk if it wasn't so hot! ha ha

    I'm enjoying the piano music by Yiruma! I'm going to look for him on Pandora, my new favorite thing. Thanks for sharing it, it's beautiful!

  5. This reminds me that I need new running shoes!


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