Thursday, July 22, 2010


We had such a fun time thrifting yesterday - half price day at the SallyAnn is always an adventure - and always crowded! We went in search of boys pants, which if you know boys, you know I was looking for a miracle!  Generally the 'experienced' pants we find in Storyteller's size are in pretty rough shape - or they are brand new never worn because some other boy really hated them.  I found a pair of black Polo jeans new with tags on for $2.19 at Goodwill on Tuesday and yesterday I found a pair of khaki Polo chinos new with tags on (and the price $68) at SallyAnn yesterday for $1.50!  I'd say I saw an answer to prayer, wouldn't you?  I am still on the hunt for two pairs of everyday pants or jeans for him, and he needs a Sunday dress shirt or two, but all in all, his fall/winter wardrobe is shaping up.

I also found a 100% linen blouse to make a pillow with, a navy blue cotton knit dress for Dreamer - Ralph Lauren, a (tag still on) gray and black Polo casual shirt for the Historian, a fun summer blouse for Dreamer, 8 camp style blue enamel bowls and this wooden pedestal bowl for $.50!  My total was $11!

I'm always on the lookout for things on a pedestal - they just catch my eye and if you add in scallops, well, my heart may just go pit-a-pat!  Usually I find that combination in glassware and I have a few cute compotes that we use for fruit quite often that were thrifted treasures.  This little wooden number seriously made me smile - in fact, I was looking around and wishing there were two or even three of them!  I have so many ideas - the possibilities abound! 

While I like it as is, I think I'll add some paint.  I can see it in shabby white filled with pretty sea shells or colorful fake fruit.  I can see it in black filled with sparkly ornaments at Christmas, or in brown, filled with orange leaves, sweet gum tree ball and acorns, and I can see it in Blue Ocean Breeze on Dreamers dresser, a perfect repository for her jewelery!
I found 4 or 5 similar bowls on Etsy and E-Bay for $45-$79, so I guess I'll just have to keep my eyes open when thrifting for more!

Have you been thrifting lately?  What do you look for in your treasure hunting?

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  1. Love it. That is some beautiful wood. They usually aren't as nice as this one. It's a keeper.

    Kate - T.G.B.


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