Monday, July 12, 2010

Answered prayer ...

We are up and online again here in our quiet little corner of the world.  The computer guy came this morning and put some more memory in the old laptop, protected it with some free virus soft wear, hooked it up to our cable and got us running.  Yeah! He took the big tower to his shop to sit on the work bench and do some more work.  Finding those bad sectors on the hard drive is time consuming I guess.  Oh, to know more about computers!  I really should have at least taken computer basics in high school, but the home ec room called to me!  Baking and sewing are still more fun!

Maybe when I am senior citizen I'll  keep my brain active by taking some computer classes!  I admired my mother in law for learning about computers in her early 70's.  She took classes for Seniors at the local cultural center and then went with my sister in law's prudent suggestions and purchased a reconditioned laptop to use.  I don't think she used it as much as she had hoped, because she was pretty busy with cancer treatments and church activities, but when it no longer met her needs, she purchased this Dell.  After she went on to glory, my sister in law used it for a while, but then she too passed away, and that's how we ended up with a little used laptop that is now meeting a need.

Hopefully by Wednesday we'll have the other computer back and working well - I miss all of my bookmarks, address book, recipe files and inspiration files - which I will update my back ups on more frequently after this, you can be sure! 

I thought you might like to see Mum's purse - sorry about the poor picture, but we took it late at night!  I made the little cosmetic case for her as well since I had a bit of fabric left.  I used a magnetic clasp on her purse since she likes to get in and out fast!  I put less pockets inside this time since it was too hard to find everything with 8 pockets. I added a pocket for her keys on the outside at her request.  I told Mum it had a 10# limit, but you can see she has already loaded it up with stuff!

We prayed that Poppa, Grammy and Dreamer would make it home safely, and thankfully they did.  They had a really good trip and enjoyed laughter, good conversation, and special ice cream on the way.  The Grammy-Mobile is equipped with a DVD player and so that was a real novelty, but Dreamer watched just one since it upset her tummy a bit. We are missing our Dreamer - but since there is always much to do, we will keep on without our sweet girl!  It is quiet here since we are missing Grammy too!  I am sure she will have a lovely time with Poppa and Grammy and perhaps when she gets home, brother and sister will find they appreciate each other more than they once did!  I can hope, right? Better still, I can pray!  They do get on very well together most of the time, but they are in each other's company constantly and they are normal children.  A little break is a good thing!

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  1. I'm so glad you posted a picture of the purse! I love it - everything coordinates so well. How nice for your mom!!!

  2. Oh yes, and I am glad you have your computer back too!! :)

  3. I can sew a few things but nothing like that. The purse is so colorful and pretty.

  4. Hi! I found your blog via Manuela at TPOH. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see if your blog name was in fact a quotation from the old hymn--and it is!

    "Oh, Jesus, blest Redeemer,
    Sent from the heart of God,
    Hold us, who wait before Thee
    Near to the heart of God."

    Love it!


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