Sunday, July 25, 2010

Are you sure dust doesn't count?

Well, I'm pretty certain that those creative professional home decorating experts aren't talking about dust when they talk about 'layering'!  In fact, I know it's about putting stuff in front of other stuff without fear when accessorizing a dresser or mantle or tabletop!  I'm learning! I've been doing minimum maintenance for so long because of this tendinitis that my cute accessories were literally obscured by dust.  Not good.

 I decided that it would be a good project to keep me from going crazy while the family is gone this weekend. I've taken everything off of every surface I can reach without the step stool since, with no one but the dog to catch me if I fall, climbing would be unwise.  I am quite ready to be done with this painful arm, but healing is taking so much more time than I thought.  It's no wonder our medical  insurance pays for 20 physical therapy visits for tennis elbow - I thought I'd never use that many, but now I wonder!

Slowly and surely I've been washing everything.  I've been shocked at how much dust has accumulated since I last deep cleaned - we were beyond the swiffer stage and into serious 'douse and dunk' cleaning!!! I still love Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Geranium all purpose cleaner - it's been making this chore a pleasure!  The van smelled so good the other day when I grabbed some Surface Wipes and gave it a quick cleaning out before the guys left to pick up sister!

So now the kitchen table is completely covered in stuff and a few things are in the Goodwill pile, and a couple of things needed some TLC so they are out in the Grammy Flat for some re-vamping or gluing.  The surfaces of our home are clean, bare and ready for some real layering!  My problem is that I am stuck in a very long, very deep decorating rut!  Unlike many who seem to have endless energy for moving things about and re-doing everything every few days, I tend to put stuff where I like it and leave it. 

Hence the dust! 

I've made myself a few rules - we'll see if I can stick to them:

My ( I don't have a clue about decorating) Accessorizing Rules
  1. If I don't love it, I won't keep it.  Time for some thinning out and passing along. The Goodwill pile will grow, but since everything we own was thrifted/clearance or a gift, I can let it go with no regrets.
  2. It can't go back where it was - everything must find a new home. No exceptions.
  3. No glass in the DANGER ZONES - this means the family room (where rough housing and wild romps with Bailey take place regularly) and the sunroom ( where there are bats and balls and a 10 year old boy who isn't supposed to swing in the house ...). No exceptions.
  4. Less is more - not every inch of every surface needs to be covered with stuff.

I think that's it! 

I daydream about asking a friend to come over a do this with me - one sweet friend is very gifted with home decor and I would love her to just come and give me some creative ideas to use what I have in a fresh way!  I love her home and she seems to have boundless energy for moving stuff around. Maybe we'll get our act together and do that someday!  For now, I'd better get back to work.  My family should be home soon and I think they'll want to eat at the kitchen table tomorrow!




  1. Wow -- good for you! I just haven't made it to my deep cleaning :( Now, I think you are very gifted with decorating -- at least you'd be the friend I would ask to help me decorate. Have fun finding new places for everything!!! I hope your arm is better soon.

  2. I think asking your friend for help/suggestions is a great idea! Not only would she be flattered that you like what she's done, but I am sure that she would love to help you, and you could pick up some great tips and have a good time while doing it!


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