Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This and that!

I'm sorry for my long absence. From the moment Mum and Dad arrived last week we had a pretty busy time with Sandlot and Little League games, our traditional Father's Day picnic, shopping, Storyteller's reading program, Dreamer's youth activity, a rough liver day for me, and then more Sandlot Softball and some long overdue house cleaning! Whew! The lovely part is that Poppa took the children swimming two afternoons and they had such fun with him at the pool. Grammy decided to stay on here for a bit, so Poppa headed home alone.  I'm so glad Grammy is here, but I hope we don't wear her out, and that the heat and humidity ease up a bit!  It's great to have her here!  Yesterday afternoon I got at my sewing and made three summer p.j. sets for the children!  That felt so good!

I finally went to the doctor this morning for my painful arm.  Though it is not quite as painful, it hasn't healed completely and now we know why.  I've stretched, pulled or somehow torn some ligaments and will need anti-inflammatory's and physical therapy to get this healed up. I didn't think a little painting could be so painful, but there you go!

I'm not the only one who's a bit of a wreck around here! Our dear Historian has a case of poison ivy on his arms, back, neck and face.  Poor man.  He looks terrible, but I'm using grapefruit seed oil topically where the rash is worst and he says it's helping.  The last time he had a case of poison ivy was 10 years ago, and he had a very bad reaction which required cortisone shots. 
Hopefully it won't get that bad this time.

Our Storyteller has a summer cold with aches and a sore throat, but despite that, he is mostly cheerful and happy.  He is enjoying the TLC.  Sister made him jello, frozen juice pops, and grape ice cubes on a stick!  I made a batch of chicken noodle soup for him and Grammy read a baseball book to him.  We had him gargle with salt water and gave him a nice bath in Kiss My Face Cold and Flu bubbles.  If tender loving care can cure a cold, he'll be better in no time!

Let's see ... I think that is all the news, except one more important thing! The Storyteller is signed up for Little League FOOTBALL in the fall.  My stars and garters!  I'm not sure I'll be able to watch!  One of the teams has a 215 pound player - our boy weighed in at 104.  I don't like those numbers one bit! 

Baseball is not full contact.  Baseball is not violent.  Baseball injuries are rare.
Why couldn't he just stick with baseball?


Is it wrong to hope he hates football?

The Historian took this quick picture through the window screen the other day - our two crazy animals.  Miss Bailey and Mr. Minty (Peppermint) are getting along quite well.  We are very surprised. They like to hang out on the driveway, even though there is plenty of shade just a few feet away.

That's all for now!  I hope you are enjoying your summer!

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