Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A bushel of tomatoes, peaches and broken glass ...

... or the random ramblings of a very tired momma! You pick!

I started the morning in prayer and with many great plans for a productive 'at home' kind of day. Now I'm off to bed at 8:30 pm and I only got three things checked off my list. There were 13!

I started by blanching and freezing a half bushel of peaches - easy peasy as our children say. We are already looking forward to eating them partly thawed with vanilla ice cream mid winter. So good! I'll be doing many more of those for sure, if I can get more nice peaches like these were.

Then I assembled the ingredients for Nanny's Chili Sauce. I am the keeper of the family recipe for chili sauce. It is a deep red tomato based condiment served with roasts, meatpies, meatloaf and just off the spoon if you are like my mum! So 12 cups of chopped onions, 8 cups of celery, 12 quarts of blanched tomatoes, 10 cups of vinegar , sugar, various peppers and secret spices tied in a cloth bag and so on. I had it in three pots since my stock pot isn't large enough. By 4 o'clock it all fit in the big pot - quite a reduction! It's one of those simmer all day, stir often and watch for it to stick kind of things, so, I was pretty much tied to the kitchen all day.

We did do some really productive school work - some catching up in reading and math, and our core subjects. Just the basics, thank you very much. I had to stir! Lunch break involved fresh air and outdoor play time - which unfortunately included the sandbox. It rained last night. It hasn't rained in weeks, so I forgot to tell them to stay clear of it, since it would be soggy. I realized my mistake when the son of the mudpeople Storyteller came in for lunch.

Since they were entering the 1/2 of the house that was pretty much in hand after yesterday's cleaning, this meant it only one thing. A change of clothes.

Problem - the ironing from vacation time is not done up. Did you know I was going to say that? Of course you did! In case you are wondering why we iron everything, it's because 99% of our clothes are natural fibers and we hang to dry. I am allergic to polyester and only use the dryer in cases of great need. Thus my nemesis Mount Ironmore grows and mocks me. My friend Michele used to come most weeks and tackle the mountain, but she moved far far away! Miss you Michele - and not just because of your mountain taming abilities!

Back to my tale of woe. I sent the Dreamer to forage on Mount Ironmore for a pair of shorts for the now clean son of the mudpeople Storyteller. Sadly, she ignored my instructions, her delivery got a little carried away and somehow involved a swinging belt and ended in a resounding crash!

The Storyteller has a vintage airplane room - and this was his light fixture:

It's actually the second one. We bought the first one on a great sale at Lowes almost 4 years ago and he loved it. A swinging belt took it out once before, but although it was discontinued, we were able to buy a floor model that was in decent shape for $50 and piece the old with new to reconstruct the fixture. I don't think we're going to be so blessed this time.

The glass really shattered this time and it was a huge huge mess to tidy up. I got two shards in my foot - I'm not sure how. I was planning to vacuum the second half of the house today, but his room got the full treatment.

Thus the rest of the list was ignored.

If you are wondering about Nanny's Chili Sauce - 17 pints will have to be enough for this year! It almost burned - just a wee sticky patch, but nothing to wreck the batch, thankfully!!! The whole house will smell like chili sauce for at least three days which really rocks my tummy, since I don't eat the stuff! The children think it smells terrible and flee the house like rats from a stinking sinking ship whenever they can while I am making it!

I've decided if we do find a bi-plane lamp to replace it we are definitely confiscating ALL belts!

What a day! Off to bed! Tomorrow is a new day, fresh, with no mistakes.

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  1. So that's the broken light fixture. :( What a bummer. I see peaches are on sale at Kmart next week for 67 cents a pound -- I was tempted to think about canning some -- but I think I better not. Oh well. Your pints of chili sauce sound great!

  2. Heather - freezing peaches is quick and easy - 1/2 bushel took about 40 minutes once I got the water to boil - the stove top is acting up too! I blanched them for 30 seconds and plunged them into icy cold water. Peeled, sliced and sprinkled with lemon juice and a bit of sugar - into the plastic boxes and into the freezer! If you have the energy, it's worth the effort, but you must prioritize, as I well know!


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