Monday, September 15, 2008

Windstorm Report

Our losses are so small, especially when compared to what those who live in the Gulf regions have suffered these past weeks. We did have a huge windstorm rip through Ohio yesterday afternoon, courtesy of Ike. We were at a church family lunch potluck yesterday and the winds were really picking up by the time we headed home. Huge branches were on the road and smaller ones were falling all around us as we drove slowly home. The air was filled with dried yellow field corn husks. Our power was out for about 15 hours, but it wasn't too much trouble for us - we just lit some candles, read, played games and went to bed early. When we awakened we were still without power, but about noon it came back on, so we are very very thankful.

Areas to the south of us were much harder hit and there are many in central Ohio that may be without power for up to a week. Our freezers did a great job keeping everything well frozen. The fridge freezer items began to thaw out a bit so I am making tomato soup. We lost our ice cream and Popsicles, but not much else. I had a double batch of homemade freezer waffles in the freezer for quick breakfasts on soccer mornings and co-op days, and they were totally thawed. Next anticipated storm, we will move things to the bigger freezer for sure!

I made banana bread with the thawed bananas and the old fashioned tomato soup is simmering away. I'll give you the recipe tomorrow! Today we are working on school work- included storm reports for current events and science. We were out picking up branches before breakfast, which was sausage and scrambled eggs made in a cast iron fry pan on the grill by our wonderful Historian! He even grilled some bread for toast. You're the best honey! When the soup is done, I'll be taking some over to Mr. Neighbor. I have some fruit that is thawed too - perhaps a little cobbler is in order! We'll be eating hot dogs since they are thawed - they are all natural and the kids love them for a treat. I guess this is a treat day!

We are so thankful for a well stocked house and the ability to make do - with a spirit of adventure, for the most part. I was pretty grumpy and not feeling my best, but everyone else was cheerfully doing what needed to be done! We are praising the Lord for safety and peace in the midst of the storm.

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  1. Grandma StarrSeptember 15, 2008

    Great post.......
    I like your attitude.
    Grandma Starr

  2. Glad you are okay. We were blessed with not much bad weather although nearby friends were out of electricity.

  3. From everything I have heard you guys actually got hit harder by Ike than we did. We did have wind, but our power stayed on. Many of our friends and family in your area are still without power. There were coastal areas of Louisiana, and of course Texas that were hit hard though. It really takes experiencing it to see how devistating it can be. With so many people one pay check away from disaster an evacuation hits really hard. I have a whole new appreation for hurricanes that I didn't have before. I continue to pray for everyone affected.

  4. Great post! We caught Ike and Gustav now I'm finish no more better come this way. I'm so tired. Much Love


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