Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Rhythm of Fall?

The rhythm of fall is usually a very good thing, but so far, we are not quite into our pleasant routine! We are working on it though, and ironing out some of the bugs to make for less last minute panic and more joy! The problem is that just when I think I've got our week together, there is a change of plans or routine that requires yet another adjustment. Since I am not great at mid course corrections, this causes a bit of stress, but we will work it out soon, I'm sure! In the meantime, I am just plain old tired out! Since my brain has been going to bed long before my body, I figured blogging would just be an exercise in futility!

I hope that I don't sound like I am complaining! Our plates are simply full of too many good things in this season that require some logistical juggling, and prioritizing to make it all work smoothly. We are not willing to give up certain things that make our home and family healthy and happy - like family dinners at the table 5 nights out of 7 and of course, homemade pizza and video night! We are loving soccer, but I'll be glad to have our Saturday's back - often by the time we get home I have very little energy left for home chores!

I've also been doing some fall nesting - as in thinning out! Again! I can't get over how much stuff we have that we never ever use! Where did it all come from? I know I didn't bring it in to our home .... or did I? We are planning to donate everything household related to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store since they are building two new homes in our area and can use the help.

I did sneak a wee bit of tasselling (for an order) and thrift shopping into the week. Hopefully I'll have time to do something fun with my finds and transform them from 'hohum' to 'wow' soon! I'll post my tassels on my other blog BeTasseled, so if you'd like to pop over and peek there, you are more then welcome!

Tomorrow is the first day of fall - officially! Yeah! Bring on the delights of fall! We started our fall joys with a trip to the apple orchard yesterday after soccer. We have a bushel of the finest tasting apples filling our kitchen with such an amazing fragrance of fruit. We bought 3 gallons of cider - fresh pressed from some of the apples that fell a bit early due to the fierce winds of Ike last weekend. One gallon is gone already! I made Apple Cider Slush for a treat and the kids were delighted! I feel better giving them that here at home then buying it at the farm market for $3 each!

Apple Cider Slush

If you have a manual or electric ice cream maker like this one, it's quite simple to make! Just pour some ice cold fresh apple cider in the frozen drum, put in the blade and cover with the lid and turn it on. It took about 10 minutes to make wonderful slush, which we serve in frozen mugs with straws and spoons! Don't eat too fast - or - brain freeze! Enjoy!

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  1. APPLE CIDER SLUSH! I have never heard of that...and it sounds delicious! What a great fall treat!!

    Thank you so much for all your prayers for me lately! I am so thankful to the Lord for you and so many of my other friends I have met through blogging. I am so appreciative of those thoughts and prayers. I have been doing much better this week. Thank you again!


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