Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Such great news!

Today I went for 'part 2' of my vein procedure - and I came home without even a needle prick!!!! I was anticipating more laser work and many more needles, at least a week of pressure bandages and compression stockings, and, of course PAIN - but the great news is that my veins are progressing wonderfully, and I won't need any more laser! I have to go back in two months for 'touch up' shots to eliminate the rest of the visible varicose veins, and that's it! Yeah! The doctor was giving himself a great deal of credit for his work on my legs, but I am giving all of the glory to God, since this was a very unexpected result! My veins are still tender and healing slowly, but knowing that I won't have to go through the laser part again is just making my heart sing!

So..... as you can see from my stack, I was all set for lounging around for the next week- I had my reading material all lined up and now I have no excuse to be a slug-a-bed! I guess I'd better tidy my bedside table a bit and plunge into some other projects! I am praying for three warm days so that we can get on with our flooring replacement project in the water heater closet. Since they have to remove and reset the furnace too - which is currently sinking into the crawl space on an alarming lean - we require three temperate days to do the job. Thankfully the Grammy flat has it's own furnace, and a small kitchen so we can hang out there and keep warm. We need things to warm up considerably though, because the threat of the pipes in our crawl space freezing is very real. I am also praying for warmer weather so that I can do some fun spray painting and other painting projects! Do you think I am ready for spring?

Our Dreamer is still full of a cold and has that persistent cough - and she has generously shared with her brother and I. The joys of having a cuddly girl - we share everything! The storyteller and I just have mild cold symptoms and thankfully, no cough! I think Dreamer is on the mend though, since she was a tad less grumpy today ... of course, her Daddy read to her for almost 2 hours and that's enough to make any girlie feel better! That and extra Webkinz time! We sure are a soft touch when the kids are feeling poorly!

Well, now that I've shared my great news, I am hoping that your hearts were blessed in some way today as well! I'd love to hear about any good news you've got to share! There's enough bad news to go around - Good News is always more welcome!


  1. Absolutely wonderful news honey. We are so convinced that all of this is a VERY real answer to Prayer. Miss Anna (Prayer Needs Tuesdays - Christian Radio) is rejoicing with us for this healing too. P T L.

  2. So happy to hear about your veins!!!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that!

    (And by the way, I love your bedside table lamp against the green handsome!)

  4. That's wonderful news, Heather! What a wonderful answer to prayer!

  5. YAY!! ~ well not yay about the cold making it's rounds in your family but yay that things are alright with your legs.

  6. Thank you all for your kind expressions! God is indeed good - and He really does answer prayer!

    Meredith - thank you for the thoughtful compliment. Our walls are Benjamin Moore's Tate Olive and they are very rich and dark for sleeping! When I sew in the evening I have to turn on all the lights but when I sew during the day the sun streams in the windows and I can see! I love the color so much that I can't even imagine how hard it is going to be to choose something different when the time comes. I've never had this problem before because we have always moved before I got tired of our color choices - but I think we'll be here for a while....

  7. Heather,

    Thanks for sharing your good news. God is faithful and will not give us more than we can handle.

    I wanted to say too, that Dreamer's new curtains are very pretty. You've inspired me to try to do something with my girls' room.


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